Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 10 Review

Toughest Week Yet! Just restin' up
Another pic feature from Mrs. Claus' New Camera
The week started off with some regrets over missing my long ride and long run from the previous week. I threw down some punishment in the form of extra and extended workouts this week. I can thankfully say I made up on everything I skipped.
However, obviously from the totals I may have gone a bit overboard. Nonetheless this should help offset some of the candies and sweets I've been snacking on.
Overall this week's nutrition has been fair to say the least. A few candies here and there but nothing to be overly alarmed about. The biggest concern this week was overdoing it, especially on the runs. I'm running dangerously close to injury zone. This was too much running for one week I think.
The 4Km long swim on Monday is a personal record. That was 1000m longer than planned but again, punishment for the previous weekend's debauchery.

WEEK 10 TOTAL (Set 3, Week 2 - Maintenance Mode)

Swim: 2:05hrs
Bike: 5:45hrs
Run: 4:45hrs
Strength: nil

Total: 12.30hrs


  1. Some great numbers there...sleep much? :-)

  2. I think those are some pretty impressive times given it's December! You spend more time running than I spent on all forms of exercise for the week...



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