Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Ride

DECEMBER 26, 2010 Boxing Day
Our Special Wedding Place
Finally all the parties and gatherings are over with. Only a few more sweets lieing around the house and tucked in the stocking and I should be free from the temptations. Not a moment too soon either, I've been getting sick of all the holiday indulging.

Today was a big frigid, -15 with a windchill. I dressed up warm and grabbed a few of the chemical hand warmers to try them out. I didn't break em' out just yet. I wanted to wait until later to only use them in an emergency.
Detour through memory lane :)
Today is long ride day. The snow covered trails were in perfect condition. Hilton Falls has become the winter mecca for mountain biking. Everyone is diligently doing there part to ride the trails and pack the snow down to keep it ride-able. Today the snow was deep enough to tack the technical edge off most loops, it was a fast flowing race track albeit a jump or two here and there. About 1.5hrs in my toes were getting cold. I stuffered a handwarmer in the top of my shoe and felt very little heat. I could tell that it was slightly warming up the top of my foot but the bottom was so cold from the solid carbon insoles pressed against frozen clipless pedals. It wasn't warming me up. I did have 'real' toe warmer which may be warmed than the hand ones but I couldn't be bothered to try them out this day.
Over 2hrs worth of fun. I couldn't have asked for a better day!
  • I've included some shots from my Christmas run. The last post was image-heavy.
  • You can see a video made a bit earlier in the morning by some cycling buddies of what the trail conditions were like.




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