Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 8 Review

Two months into this and I haven't given up. Yet.
I'm especially proud that I've managed to hold to the routine for a good 97% of the time. If you had asked me on Saturday how things are going, I would have said I feel better than I have all year!! I was full of energy! This is a recovery week so my workouts have been easy and short and I can feel that my body has topped up the fuel tank and made the necessary repairs.Unfortunately this led to overenthusiasm and I pushed harder on my long bike and run than I had planned. Today I feel whooped. I was slow to get out of bed, I'm falling asleep and can barely keep my eyes open. It was a hectic weekend on top of those workouts. Maybe it's a sugar-induced coma of some sort. Someone, Mrs. LoTC, stuffed a slice of pumpkin pie in my face last night AND force fed a good 4 chocolate covered xmas cookies.,
This next Set of 4 weeks was supposed to include the beginning of my bike maintenance. So far I have only been swimming and running through the week and only MTB'ing on weekends. To fit the trainer rides into my schedule, they would have to happen early morning. Something I've been dreading but mentally preparing for awhile now. Given my lack of energy today, I forsee a real tough battle tomorrow morning trying to convince my body to roll out of bed. I'm going to have to look up some 'get out of bed' techniques. I'm already conceding defeat and I haven't even tried yet. :(

Looking back on my nutrition for this set, I recall alot of pizza but other than that I stood my ground to the majority of naughty foods up until a couple days ago. Mrs LoTC stuff my face with a piece of pumpkin pie last night and I was assaulted by about 4 xmas cookies with a ton of chocolate chips on them. Literally a ton, the kids made them. Each cookie was a meal in itself as it weighed about a pound with all the toppings. I forsee more diet fail in the near future, especially with Training Payne's Kona party this friday. Admittedly I got sh*tfaced piss drunk at the wife's xmas party and I am just finally recovering from that. I hope I can come out of the Pig and Whistle alive.

This next Set will screw up my routine. My official training plan starts January 3rd but that is right smack dab in the middle of this Set. Sets are 4 weeks long, the last week being recovery. Perhaps I grind out 2 weeks and then use the last week of the year as an early recovery. Perhaps that is the carrot I'll dangle in front of me to help motivate me out of bed. An unscheduled recovery week ONLY if I succsessfully get all my early morning rides in. Ohh, this may not be enough but I need all the reasons to get out of bed that I can muster!

WEEK 8 TOTAL (Set 2, Week 4 - Maintenance Mode, Recovery Week)

Swim: 0:40hrs
Bike: 3:30hrs
Run: 2:00hrs
Strength: nil
Total: 6:15hrs


  1. You should record your results and training with this brand new application. Definitely the best one i have seen.

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  2. hahaha, funny post.

    What I can't figure out is the more you eat the more weight you lose. You are one lucky bastard.

    Good job on keeping up with the workouts.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the odd slip until your within 20 weeks of the race, then it's go time baby.

    Glad to hear you had a good time at the party, does the Mrs still have a job. haha.


  3. Great post..Cool records..Congrats!!

  4. I had to squeeze in early morning runs my first weeks back to work after mat. leave, it almost killed me. When you wake up and your brain is screaming at you to go back to sleep ask yourself this one question "do I want to start the day by breaking a promise to myself?". If the answer is no, then roll your arse out of bed and get on the bike!

  5. T23 - I suspect your a spam bot so feel free to kiss my furry a**.

    B - I'm seeing a trend here now. The fat % on the Tanita has taken a nose dive in the past month. I was still in the upper end of body fat composition numbers lol

    SW - Thanks!

    Jenn - I break promises all the time, what is just one more eh? ;) lol j/k



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