Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mood Swing

I eateded it.

Yes, if it was edible and within my reach I shall consume it! That's my nutrition mantra. I don't feel guilty about the bigass double fudge brownie and chocolate milk snack I had yesterday. I need the calories, although maybe my feeding choices could use some more favourable nutrional value. Bah, screw it. I'll burn it off in no time.

Burned it off I did! I went from the worst day of my training program and followed it up with the best swim I have ever had to date! My fatigue was nauseating but I still managed to get to my swim. I swam between a real life Ironman and some Ironman wannabes. It was awesome! Probably because I won every single race. Well, we didn't declare it as a race but you know what I mean. You know when the person beside you kicks off the wall at the exact moment you arrive. Yeh, it's on baby. Bring it. Smoked them every time and that's ON TOP of a continuous non-stop free for 3300m. My neighbours stopped every 300m like clockwork yet they still couldn't muster up the strength to beat me! It was fun!

My Swim Is Better Than Your Swim.
That fun factor gave me just enough energy to roll out of bed this morning and get a bike in. It was also fueled by the fact it was the last ride on the loaner saddle before returning it to the bike shop. I wanted to make some adjustments and test some more. I rode the last half of the Ironman Lake Placid 'virtual reality' DVD which included some decent hills. With the added intensity I allowed myself to cut the ride short by 15 minutes so I could meet a consultant at the office early morning.

The sad part is I'll probably miss this evening's run. I usually run as soon as I get home but tonight I'm heading out for drinks. A late night run on a school night? I don't know about that one. Maybe I'll just tell the staff I'll be in a bit later in the morning. Considering this has been a perfect training week so far, and the first one back to the normal routine, I shouldn'' be skipping workouts. We'll see how I feel when I get home late this evening.


  1. 3300 m swim work out !! SICK ! Thats bad ass. SO glad you get to pound those calories without guilt.

  2. Nice job on the swim!! ou going to kick Rodney's ass this year!

    I can't beleive with this post you didn't add in the kitty pic 'I eated a butter'. so cute.

  3. One of the skinniest/worst eaters I know is a marathon runner. Have you ever looked at Michael Phelps 10,000 calorie a day diet? It's discusting. You get to the point that you have to eat some calorie rich junk just to get the fuel in the tank. Enjoy my friend, ENJOY!

  4. 3,300m....awesome!!! I actually started swimming with Masters again. I'm having problem with my shoulder and all those 2000-2500m workout have caused some problems. Turns out my technique sucks, so I have to relearn how to swim again.

  5. what is wrong with you? I think you spend more time finding kitty pics than you do writing your post.

    Haha. Nice job on the swim and solid bike ride man.

    Keep on paying your dues.

  6. J, I wouldn't worry about the food. If I was as thin as you are now, I would have had no problem eating the entire cake. Seriously, or and wash it down with beer. Come to think of it, I guess that's why I'm not as thin as you. haha




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