Friday, January 14, 2011

Missed One

RoadID Will Identify My Body
It was inevitable. An early 5am bike and a meeting with a consultant had me skipping breakfast. I rarely skip breakfast, it was tough sitting through a later meeting while starving to death. A shot of vodka at lunch (peer pressure from my Deli guy) and a couple ceasars after work meant I wasn't going to do my run. I'm only slightly disappointed for missing the run because I know I have a huge long slow run coming up this weekend. It's likely the ground will be snow covered so that it's likely going to kill me! I hate running on snow.

Anyhow, I returend my loaner seat to the bike store yesterday. I had every intention on buying a saddle from them but I choked when I seen the price. It was 50% more than what I seen it online for. Sorry, I'd like to support the local guy but that's just robbery. This was compounded by the waaaay overpriced $100 water bottle cage holder. Yeh, I'll pass on that too pal.

With my saddle on the way, I am only left with getting a water bottle holder for the back of my saddle and a longer set of aero bars. That should do the absolute necessities. The other toys I'm shopping for are to replace my worn equipment - helmet, road shoes, tri suit(one or two peice).

Oh and I got my blood type results back from the doctor. Apparently I'm a a universal recipient. Only something like 0.5%-3% of the population have my blood type but I can accept blood from any of the types lol. Sweeeeet. Now I can order my RoadID as I wanted one of the lines to be my blood type but didn't know what it was.

I forsee this weekends run to look like this


Bike: 45mins Moderate Speed
Run: Skipped


  1. I feel you on the wanting support LBS,It is tough some times. Tri suit for short stuff is my opinion. But I don't think I could do a 1/2 or even full M DOT in a tri suit.
    That picture is killer

  2. J, yup some of the pricing that the shops have are a rip off, not sure who you went to but if they are on plains road, I've had the same problem.

    You blew off a 5 km? Who runs that short of a distance? Are you planning changing to the 100 yard dash? haha


  3. Well I'm not wearing an M-Dot tattoo so I have earned the right to wuss out with shorter runs :)

    One day when I join the big-boy club, you can hold me to a higher standard ;)



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