Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mrs. LoTC

Magic Kitchen Operator
 What do you mean I have to wait?! I had just got home from a verrry long mountain bike ride and I was famished! I have no idea if I spelt that word right, you would think blogspot would get a spellchecker feature. Or maybe I would learn how to enable it if they did! Anyhow, she tells me she won't start making dinner until AFTER she goes for a run. AS IF! Like, I'm starving and exhausted yet she's making me wait for my feeding tyme?? Something has changed. Something drastic. Either it's a full moon, or the Earth's magnetic poles have swapped locations, or lunar eclipse, or aliens have abducted my wife and all I got is a hollow empty shell of a robotic chicken that doesn't know that when the hubby says I'M HUNGRY  the world stops spinning until the magic kitchen produces my meal! Something big has changed.

She started her training program.

Yup, Mrs. LoTC has begun her training program to prepare for her Half-Iron this year. There is a more pressing half-marathon coming up in May for her which is the first big challenge of the year. To commemorate the occasion, she started her own blog called MRS. LORD OF THE CHAINRINGS. Between spending time getting her blog configured and building her training program she forgot to feed the husband. I don't know if I like this Iron-Babe thing or not. I may not survive it?? Luckily the magic closet still works. So not all is lost! She kciked off the blog with a 'Before' picture with the intention of posting an 'After' picture to see the progress. I tell her she's mental though, the before picture is pure sex, I'd so tap that, yum yum, aroooooga, unf unf unf. Wait - what was I saying? Pic included! :)

Monday, finally brings the holidays to an end. With all this extra time off, I've been putting in way more mountain biking in than the training plan asked for. Luckily this week is a semi-recover-base-phase-kickoff-sorta-thing. I'm taking it easy. My body could use the rest. I keep forgetting to mention the mild pain on the lower outside part of my knee. I figure inflamation, so I'm getting lotsa stretching in and Advil.


Bike: 3hrs MTB


  1. You are 100% right...when I saw the "before pic" my first thought was "hawt damn, I'd tap that (and wouldn't even ask her to make me diner after)"!
    If my "after" pic looks half as sexy as Mrs.LOTC before pic, I'll be more than happy .
    p.s. - you are soooo dead for posting that pic, LMAO!!

  2. Thanks for the publicity dear husband! I am not sure if your dinner will get cooked for you tonight either!

  3. Angela says I should make you tacos with ground turkey! LOL

  4. This is great - front row seats to martial bliss!



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