Sunday, January 2, 2011

December at a Glance

My week reviews do not end nicely at the end of each month. So I think I'll have a separate post to throw up my calendar of actual workouts. It might help someone out there. This isn't my training plan, this is the actual workout I did in the month. You can go find my actual weekly review posts for explanations.

And Since I missed Novermber's Glance, here it is:


  1. What do you use to track your workouts that is in the pictures?

  2. That is
    I upload my GPS data to the site from my workouts and then manually add the activities where I didn't have a GPS on me (i.e. swim, treadmill, trainer etc).
    It has basic reporting features and does an 'ok' job. Not great, but not bad. It's used easily with my GPS which is the biggest reason I stuck with GC.

    I just snipped the screenshot to post to the blog, whereas I can embed each workout in my posts which is kinda neat.



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