Tuesday, January 18, 2011


YakTrax. No Excuse to not Run!

Blizzard. It gets worse fast.

Well I've finally took the time to dump the pics from the camera. I've got a bit of last Saturday's Hell Run 22Km Blizzard. Then last night was a quick 8Km-ish on ice. It was slushing out and got heavy towards the end but I felt great and enjoyed myself. I think the adrenaline was pumping a bit when the weather gets bad and it's easier to get motivated out the door. Sick. I know.
I best sum my evening up in a few words: Hungry Hungry Hippo.
Soooo starving. All I do is crave food. I can't seem to eat enough!!

Blizzard Run Prep

Why is my head so cold?
No Fuel Belt Tonight, Eat the Yellow Snow Instead

Dont look up. It accumulates fast. Mouth Breather.

YAY! New Trainer Material, 8hrs Worth!!

Slushing out Tonight with a slight bit of accumulation...


Bike: 0:45hrs
Run:  0:45hrs

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