Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Hurt.

You know, you try to be supportive and all she does is insult me. My feelings are hurt lol. :)


  1. So did Mrs LOTC cut your penis off last night while you slept?

  2. If she'd rather, I can send my daughter over for "encouragement." She's a 6yo version of Troy Jacobsen, and she doesn't let up.

    Mind you, on her side, it's pretty tough to take a guy serious when he's got latex on his head.


  3. He still has his penis. I can't cut it off. Then he would be truly useless!! ;)
    This was all about him getting his moment of glory for the blog. Are you happy Sweetie?? lol
    BTW, I would also like to direct everyone’s attention to the bike. Does everyone remember the 'Frans Needs a New Bike' video? Now notice how the seat is SOOOO low it is sitting directly on the seat tube and notice how I am reaching as far as I can and I am still not resting on the hoodies. And look at how ugly the bike is. I know you cannot see it but the stem... oh wait, there is no stem. My handle bar sits directly on top of the headset. Yes, when we got the bike we had to use a BMX stem to shorten my reach, which obviously did not work. Finally there are the shifters, can you see them? They are on the down tube. Classic! The conclusion is simple... It is ugly and I need a new bike! LOL

    Ok, maybe John is good for more than one thing as he is finally going to build a bike that fits me. I should have it in a month or so! YIPPEEEE!!!!! :) :) :)

  4. I HATE riding on the trainer and would warmly welcome a cheering section. If you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area, bring your swim cap and of course, MORE COW BELL!

  5. hahaha Fran! It doesn't fit me.. see this why YOU have a blog so you can post pictures of the ugly bike that doesn't fit you AND make fun of John over there. I linked this in my blog though cause it's too funny!!!

  6. Hilarious - I loved the bell.

  7. Love it! Cowbell!!
    Seriously though, I know nothing about biking and it doesn't look like that thing fits.



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