Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dreadmills. Luv to Hate Them.
It wasn't that cold out last night, but still. To get all bundled up for an easy recovery run that will be 'short' seemed like more hassle than it was worth. No, I wasn't going to skip it but it did call for some change. We went to the gym!
Boy did I feel stupid when we got there. I completely forgot about the Resolidiots, Resolution-Idiots, that fill the gym thinking they're going to actually lose weight this year. They'll be gone by mid-January but nontheless not soon enough!
I can't say I care much for the treadmill but it has been a looong time since I've been on one so a recovery run is as good as any to try it out again. Immediately I couldn't help but laugh. Workout? I could hardly call it that. I'm sorry, but a treadmill is absolutely nothing like the real thing. It was laughably easier, my HR barely increased. I did sweat buckets though since we were indoors, but that was not a representation of my perceived output. Outdoors I would have run 15, walked 1. On the treadmill, 50 minute run non-stop and I barely felt like I did a workout at all. Great for a recovery 'workout' but there is no way you'll find me on one of these things for serious sessions. Unless the weather is horrific outside or something.

It didn't help that I had the Marlboro man beside me. Nothing like going out to puff on a cancer stick and then come back in and jump on the treadmill when you wreak of nicotine. I had to smell that for 8 minutes. Disgusting. Luckily he didn't last long on the dreadmill cuz I was at my breaking point when he put his ipod headphones in and then started singing out loud. Seriously? What a douche. One thing I did note while on the treadmill was the screens are made for midgets. The control panel is so low that I had to look-down to read it. I 'ran' while looking down and it screwed with my posture and neck muscles. I couldn't look straight because I would lose balance. I got dizzy running on the spot like that. I had to focus on the control panel right in front of me, but it was sooo low. At least I didn't get bored which was a surprise!
Nutella on Toast -Yummay!
After the 'run' I felt fantastic! I can already feel the body repairing itself and I was on an energy high! Oh wait, maybe it was the thick layer of Nutella on a couple pieces of toast I had when I got home. Hey now, it's recovery week - I can top up my calories any way I like! However, I barely slept at all. The energy wave I was riding took me right through sunrise and I'd swear I didn't get any quality sleep whatsoever! Not  a problem though, I still woke up with plenty of get-up-and-go. Where did this energy come from? My body is probably thanking me for taking a break finally. Although I remember last recovery week that I was going nuts by the weekend. Must. Hold. Back.
I did have a GREAT laugh earlier in the day. I haven't had a good cry-laugh-help-I-cant-breathe-please-stop episode in awhile. I came across an article on the playskool slowtwitch forums about poo-boy finishing IMFL with 'stuff' running down his legs. He qualified so in the slowtwitch world he's been elevated to the level of 'God-like' status. Anyhow, burried in the thread was a link to a hilarious story with similar theme. Gross - Yes! But I laughed uncontrollably for some reason. Visit this link at your own peril. No photos, just a written story so it's safe lol.


Run - 50mins Treadmill


  1. I can't imagine doign the treadmill again, I prefer easy for sure but aside from the whole 'holy fuck i'm freezing' aspect, outside is much better. At the Y they have a track to run on at least so treadmill is not required.

  2. That story you posted @ the end.....OMG

  3. I'm with you, hate the treadmill. Treadmill running has as much in common with outdoor running as stationary bikes have in common with roadriding. I get dizzy on them too.
    You know I'm up for a good poo story, heading over to check out that link!

  4. Alright, I will follow your blog. Which means, since you are long winded, I need to delete like 3 other blogs from the list I read HAHA.

    Going to read the poo story now.

    I have a happy in my tummy LOL.

    OK I read the story before I posted. I am in tears. The girl in the cubicle next to me wanted to read what I was laughing so hard at HAHAHAHA. My side hurts from laughing so hard. Such vivid explanation and details haha.

    Yes, I need lessons in training my bride. Although, I would much rather make my own breakfast than deal with a crabby irritable woman. I pick my battles, I can cook, I respectfully bow out of waking her up haha.

  5. ADENA - Yeh, I wonder if the Y here has an indoor track. I never thought to look. I always though the Y was for the homesless and bums to workout at. Hey, I'm from Hamilton eh ;)

    Jon - Glad u liked it. hah!

    Jenn - U probably died laughing, thus u never returned lol

    Matty - No worries, I'll try to use short words and spell things out for you. U probably missed them but you'll find plenty of Matty-O pucks in previous posts. It's more fun when you're not looking! hah!
    I gotta be careful now though, my wife started a blog and got on twitter and stuff. I think she's spying on me. I gotta give the cyber-gurlfriendz the heads up! ;)

  6. John, running with the homeless on the track at the Y isn't as bad as you'd think. Then again I hang out with them in the smoking area.. nothing better than a smoke between sessions!!

    Also, I have tried to address this already but I thought "I" was your only twitter/blog girlfriend and Fran knows about me but if you have OTHER blog/tweet girlfriends you'll be dealing with more than just Fran my friend. ;-)

  7. Adena - R U gonna spank meh?! :) :) :)

    I have to check out the Y thing. I guess what I'm looking for is an indoor track. I've never seen one before.
    Oh, and theres a Y a block from my office. I could ride to work and shower there! Oh, that could be awesome in the spring!

  8. That story was so funny! I needed a laugh, thanks for posting.

  9. You go, Adena...Glad you got my back! :)
    The story was very disturbing.. do all you men really know 'The Move'? LOL



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