Friday, January 7, 2011

Growin Ups

The wife is stressing me out. The kids are stressing my wife out. The kids are stressed over life. We're all hopeless I tell ya! :)  Our two older boys are in the process of deciding what to do with their post-secondary education, future, what-do-u-want-to-do-with-the-rest-of-your-life kinda thing. We sat down to pick courses out for university and it's tough for them to decide. What do you do when your kid thinks he wants to pick a field that has NO jobs whatsoever and is only 'somewhat' interested in the field of study? Dropping $100,000 onto a worthless education doesn't sound like a smart move. I could see if it was an area of study that the kid was really excited about but that is not the case. Just the same, dropping big money on something they aren't even remotely interested in won't do much either. They will probably either fail or hate their job after school. I don't know what to think, other than **GRRRRRR*** and snarl a bit.
I'm stressed now.
In the back of my mind I think of just sending them to college instead of university first. It's a safer bet and maybe they'll find themselves in time to goto university after the fact. It'd be way cheaper and safer route while they grow up a little. I guess part of me doesn't want them in college because I really wish I went to university instead of college. It would have opened up more doors to move to the top of corporate ladders, but oh well - I strongly believe experience and hard work will trump that peice of paper anyday. The problem is Human Resource departments don't always see it that way, but there are ways around that with a bit of dedication and persuasion.

Anyhow, I emailed all my pics to my office to make up my blog post but they never made it for a second day in a row. Something tells me Roger, crappy Canadian ISP, is blocking the large outgoing attachments. I hate Canadian networks.

Anyhow, I had a whole expose on how to dress for cold weather training. I see alot of people struggling with getting the layering thing right so I thought I'd share what works for me. Tomorrow perhaps!

Lets seeee Wednesday night I got an easy tempo recovery swim in. Thursday I got a recovery bike and run in but it was a tough one mentally. Tougher than a regular workout by far. An easy recovery run means I'm not improving fitness or getting faster so I regard them as almost a waste of time. I know that this active recovery is much needed as it keeps my joints and muscle loose, holds me to routine but because it's not a hard workout I don't get as pumped up or excited over it. So on the run my mind waders, I got bored easy and start thinking about not wanting to be doing it. It also didn't help that 1/2 inch of snow on the ground shaved speed off an already slow pace. The snow made it feel alot tougher than it should have been to hold that pace, so I was getting frustrated with 'working hard' to 'go slow'. I wasn't working that hard, but still. Pathetic pace.

Sticking to the plan though. Letting the body recover this week.
Looking forward to full-on training next week. I could use a stress reliever.

Swim: 45mins
Bike: 55mins
Run: 55mins
Schedule Rest Day


  1. "There are ways around that with a bit of dedication and persuasion" hahaha

    Nice training
    ARe you into the IMLP plan already? I am doing 24 wweek starting 2/7

  2. Depends how u look at it. I just complete 12 weeks of 'maintenance plan'. Now I'm slowly ramping up to 'base building' plan(28wk) with emphasis on running to be ready for around the bay race 30km run race in march.
    But my maintenance plan was really just base building cuz I didn't have much fitness to start with lol!

  3. soooooo what the hell is the difference between college and university up there? I heard Bryan talking about it and was not sure. We call everything college in America. Just curious.

  4. MO - hah lol - its funny you mention that cuz I was thinking the same thing about the Americans as I was writing it.
    Here it's:
    College: Usually 2-3yr courses only, hands-on job specific training, you only get a diploma when finishing. 'community college'. $2000/year

    University: Usually 4-8 years, alot of theory and proofs, considered the 'better' education for most fields of study. U get a degree and pretty letters beside your name. $10000/year

  5. Ha Ha As I was reading the blog, I was going to ask the same thing as Matty O.

    Guess us Americans are all the same:-)



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