Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toe Tag

Oh baby! Look what I came home to today!
My toe tag has arrived! Now the coroner will be able to identify part of my body when they scrape me off the side of the road.

At first I tried it on but it felt a little loose.

Then I tried I made some adjustment and it felt even more loose.

Then I decided to read the instructions, and while it felt more snug... something didn't look right

I think the majority of the cost was the fancy packaging. It's too early to review yet.


  1. What the hell is wrong with your "big toe"??? It looks like your big toe is the size of a pinky toe?! FREAK!

    Love the roadID. I got the fabric one with the velcro strap though. That one did not look too comfy with the metal clasp.

    I hope you actually wrote on it, "save my bike" and "mistress" too funny!

  2. MattyO, which 'big toe' are you referring to? lol

    I can understand the 'save my bike' thing but having a 'misstress #' is going a bit far!! ;)
    Those morning breakfasts and lunches that are lovingly made for you are getting less and less!

  3. I mean, you have borderline HOBBIT FEET!

  4. Figures - leave it to Matty-O to say sumfin' about my little piggys lol

    Listen, Mrs. LoTC picks on me all the time because of the size of my toe. My second toe is bigger than my 'big toe' and to make matters worse it protrudes off to the side and I got a big 'opposable thumb-like' gap between them. If that's not bad enough, they gotta be Furry too. Fawk!

    I'd like to think it gives me an advantage on the bike and run. I have no idea how, but I tell myself that to make me feel better. lol :)

    Hobbit Feet? Tell how small it is as I put mah f00t up yo a$$! lol too funny :)



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