Thursday, January 27, 2011

BDay Rest

Active-Recovery Engaged!
Oops. That was dumb. I cut my RoadID wristband too short. It's actually too tight. I couldn't find a length that stopped it from sliding and rolling around on my wrist. It's not like a watch that has a bit of weight/anchor to it and stays 'right side' up. It felt 'ok' at first but then when I flex my arm it's way too tight. Uggghhh I feel dumb but it was extremely annoying to leave it to flap around. I tried stretching the band but that material is pretty tough. It's not gonna happen. Maybe I'll look for a different type of band. I'm such a knob.

Happy 50th Birthday Wayne Gretzky

Well I definitely took the 'recovery' advice to heart. Thanks all! I went for a very easy paddle in the FREE pool last night. It was free to get in because it was a special someones Birthday. Apparently some famous guy that comes from my town that built the sports center was letting everyone in for free. My hamstrings are not burning anymore but there is still a slight 1/10 pain on my right one. I think it's from cramping last week. This morning I took a guilt-free pass on my indoor bike session. With the hamstrings JUST starting to leave me alone I didn't want to risk prolonging their recovery. I'm also going to wuss-out on tonight's run and hit the treadmill for 40 minutes. I cannot justify getting all bundled up to just run around the block. That's alot of hassle for a cold stroll that is hardly 'training'. The treadmill will do just fine tonight.

It may seem like I eased off the throttle too much here, but there is a reason for me taking it so easy. This weekend's long run may be in snow again. I need to be 100% repaired by the start, and somehow convince myself to go easy on it. Same with the bike. Next week I start piling on crazy amounts of run in preparation for around the bay race. I'm taking it easy and enjoying myself now while I still can! February is crunch time!


Swim - 0:35hrs  (Recovery)
Bike -  Skipped it guilt free :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA DOOFUS! I laugh because that is something I would have done.

    I did not like the look of that style which is why I went with my style. The velcro is easily adjustable and I wore it for days without even realizing I was still wearing it.

    H bought them for us... to be honest I think she just wanted my body to be identified so she can claim the insurance faster and skipping that whole dental record check thing haha.

    Enjoy the recovery day.

  2. aaaaaaaaagh
    no good on the wristband - sux

    but GREAT job enjoying the moment!

    Feb is crunch time - full agreement:)



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