Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 13 Review

This was supposed to be the first solid back-to-routine week as there are no more holidays to mess with my training plan. The week started off on schedule and I got some solid workouts in! It all unraveled at the end when I skipped a weeknight run in favour of drinks with a buddy who is heading off to AfGhannyStain to work for a couple years. Regardless a planned 20Km run on Saturday would be the first real-long run of the program. Every weekend from here until March Around The Bay Race will have a brutal long run.
Leading up to the run I was nervous, I mean who honestly runs a half-marathon 'just because'. I've only ever run that distance once in my life and that was at Ironman Muskoka 70.3. Of course this is a long-slow so the plan was to small walk every 10 minutes.
Blizard Alert.
Sooo what now? Cut the distance? Skip the run? Risk doing it anyways? If I wouldn't have skipped Thursday's run then I would have just cut my run in half but now I'm cheating myself if I don't commit. Screw it, I went out anyways. Hardest. Run. Of. My. Life.  I'll gladly do an entire 70.3 before running 22Km in a blizzard any day. It was one of those workouts that you will forever remember as being a 'Suck It Up' survival moment of your life. This one goes in the record books.

Make Me Sick. I dare you.
Suprisingly the next day I still got my long bike in but something felt a bit off. I had IT Band issue but something more like my nutrition was off. I ate like a King and replenished my body with smart choices but still. Ohh baby I cant tell you right now Week 14 is gonna be a test. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel energy wise. That run took more out of me than I realized. I just need to survive this week and not catch a cold from the million people at the office who all came in sick. If I get sick, I'm gonna go postal on these people. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have assaulted my immune system so bad. But still....

I look forward to the upcoming recovery week. I need it.

WEEK 13 TOTAL (Set 4, Week 2 - Base Build)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: 4:30hrs
Run: 4:00hrs
Strength: nil

Total: 11:00hrs ('Small change' not included above, I can honestly rounds up to this)


  1. Nice run and week of training. You may just kick Rodney's ass at LP.

  2. Oh yeh right - we all know you're secretly rooting for him ;)

    That's OK though, I like being the underdog :) Makes victory that much sweeter lol.

  3. 22k blizzard run! nice work...

  4. Take echinacea to prevent a cold or shorten its duration. It really works.



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