Monday, January 17, 2011

Beyond Brutal

That was the Hard Run of my Entire Life.

That hurt. Immensely. I damn near cried. OK, I may have shed a tiny tear. I'm such a pussy lol.

22Km in a blizzard. Snow was deeper than ankles and I wore YakTrax the whole way, they were needed. I'm sorry, but there is no way to explain Saturday's run and do the intensity any justice so I won't bother trying. At 16Km I was done. The snow just kept coming and roads disappeared and it got too deep. Long. Slow. Run. Survival. It was beyond brutal. I didn't fuel properly which is probably a huge contributer to my condition. I didn't expect to be out that long or go that hard. 3hrs of Suck It Up that I don't plan on doing anytime soon. Well, at least not until next weekend's 20Km run. Doh! I hope it doesn't snow. Snow running is phucking brutal.

I ate like a King that night.

Eat Until You Can't Eat no More.
Sunday I woke up with some IT Band issues. Things are tight. I had to make a couple stops on the bike trainer to stretch it out. I can feel the rubbing which will turn into nasty inflamation if I don't get on it right away. I thought my training program said 3hrs bike, but luckily Mrs. LoTC sparked my memory and it was actually only 2 hrs. I would have been happy to do another hour, I was enjoying it but I already blew my load on Saturday, there is no sense pushing it again. Advil is my friend. I found some new stretches online that I think help alot. My physio guy is a moron. His stretch was cheezy and barely worked. I found a couple on You-Tube that hit the spot exact. Don't take advice from your physio or doctor if they look like they couldn't jog around a block if their lives depended on it. I'm sticking to that advice from here on in. No exceptions.

Advil. Not Good for the plumbing eh...

Sunday night I feasted.

Oh, I could get used to this eating thing. I'm lovin' it!

I'm a little nervous about my next run. I wonder how things will feel. Maybe I'll go easy and give the dreadmill a whirl. We'll see.

Run: 3hrs Blizzard, snow, brutal
Bike: 2:20hrs Tempo

No Garmin data today - their crappy website is down once again.


  1. Might as well be running on sand. Last time I had a run like that (and it was a hell of a lot shorter) I was tight everywhere. All that "surprise" hurt will loosen up and go away in time.

  2. Dude, that was a war story !! Great job. Don't F YOUR KNEE UP !!!

  3. alright, today you ARE my hero!! I will never have that level of SIU, ever.

  4. My Saturday - what you said. :)

  5. great job

    i ran on saturday before the snow really started coming down

  6. Blah - IT band issues! I've busted out the stick lately to work at them around my knee, not to mention a little shoulder work. I hear you on Saturday...what were we thinking? Maybe that the real races will be a cakewalk after those types of runs.

  7. RE: IT Band

    get this

    will cause u unbelievable amount of pain but will fix your IT problem

    If you don't fix your IT problem now, you'll have a painful summer

  8. I congratulate you just for getting out in weather like that.

  9. Pussy. Hold on, I am on the phone with the WHAMMMMMBULANCE for you.

    Even in the overweight unmotivated out of shape state that I am in. I could have done that run without complaining. Simply put, cry me a river.

    On another note, way to get out there and tackle it. I will offer you some advice Mr. Payne gave to me... Tell Mrs. LoTC to rub your penis, it will make everything all better.

  10. dude!

    that is pretty badass running that much in those conditions!



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