Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It has been 86 days since I started the JPO training program and yesterday was beyond a doubt the toughest day of them all. Not because I trained hard, but because I don't remember the last time I was so brutally fatigued. I had to fight hard to keep my eyes open through the day. At one point I felt so nautious from fatigue I almost passed out. Anyhow, I took a 10 minute power nap at lunch. It's one of those naps that you wake up from and you don't know where you are or any sense of time. For all I knew it was midnight, it felt like I had slept for 12 hours straight. It was only 10 minutes. I felt refreshed for about 5 minutes and then I was back to zombie mode.

I had to run that evening. Blowing sleet, snow and dark cold. Miserable conditions put the 'Just Go Through The Motions' mantra to the test. I was sooo tired and I could not find the energy to face the elements. The 'motions' mantra worked though. The workout was quality once I got going. It was far from easy though, I exfoliated my eyeballs while running through what felt like a sandblaster. My face is raw.

I'll admit, I fought repeatedly the urge to quit and slow down on both the early mornin 5am bike and the bad weather run. I'm getting worn down here. Is it weather? Sickness? Nutrition? OverTrained?

I just came off a recovery week, I should be energized. Although Sunday's ride was exceptionally extreme.
Everyone is sick around me, even our youngest has bronchitisistsisisiis. Maybe I'm covertly fighting something?
Nutrition? Ohh theres a messy one. Still losing weight STOPS RIGHT NOW. Gloves come off, I'm eating everything in sight. No more weight loss, it's time to plateau for a bit. 6'3.5" at 171.8 pounds and I got a soft Pillsubry dough boy section still. I'll have to live with it for now, I need to top up the fuel tank. It seems the recovery week didn't do it this time, especially with last week's big weight drop. Mrs. LoTC was mean to me last night, she wouldn't let me leave the dinner table until I ate all my food. :( That was a big chicken and alot of rice, I just couldn't eat anymore but she forced me. I get full fast. Unless it's pizza, I can eat the whole pizza :)

Although the pizza at Adena's I think I struggled to eat half. I guess when I'm really really hungry(which is often) my stomach shrinks super-small. Annoying.

Bike - 1:30hrs 
Run -  1:15hrs


  1. bLEH !! That is an ill feeling. Crazy on the food you machine. Go get em badger !!

  2. I know you are hardcore and all but dude take a day off. Sheesh!! ps-I love the cat pics, too funny!!!

  3. I share your pain. I've got the wind burnt face and chapped lips to prove that I ran last night. I was just telling Mrs.LOTC that I kind of like running on night like last night, makes me feel hardcore (even if I look chubby and cold). Although if I had been exhuasted, I doubt I would have done it. You are supahardcore!

  4. TRI - I'm on it. Eating frenzy ON.

    Adena - Rest is for the weak. I'll rest when I'm dead.

    Jenn - wow you are supa' hardk0re Biznitch!! I'm so glad I got out, had I not gone to only find you made it out then I would have probably cried. I'm scared to not get out when somebody else sucked it up! I'd feel bad lol! Way to go!!



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