Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weiners & Beans

Thanks to DRog over at DR:Tri'ing 4 Iron I learned of a 'Virtual Reality' Ironman Lake Placid Training DVD!! Mrs. LoTC found a copy at a local bike store and I couldn't wait to get my copy. While at the store I took interest in what I could only describe as a 'Tri-saddle' that had a hook on the back for racking your bike. It was hideously ugly but the odd shape intrigued me since it looked like it could work in theory. I've been struggling with numb-nuts when riding the Kuota so I've been looking for a solution.

Great service! As soon as I asked about the strange looking saddles the guy at the shop didn't hesitate one bit! He grabbed a loaner and sent me on my way to see for myself! How awesome is that? You won't get that on ChainReactionCycles.com so maybe some things are still worth getting at your local bike shop ;)

Due to the strange shape, I had to look up an installation video to ensure I am getting correct positioning on the saddle. I had to get a swim in so the initial ride would have to wait until morning. It was a short sleep, I only have the loaner for a couple days so I was up at 5:00am to get as much time as I could on the saddle. Plus I wanted to see as much of the IMLP DVD as I could.

Immediately I knew this saddle was for me. I could feel my balls!!! The weiner and beans were free to blow in the wind while my sit bones nestled against the 2 pronged edge of the saddle. I played with the angles a bit to find the sweet spot. In the end I found a spot that felt great on the bum but I was getting sore shoulders so I think I need to rethink the seat angle a bit. I can't wait to play with it tomorrow night!

Hideous Yellow but had a bling factor to it
As for the DVD, I liked it. Typical spinerval layout with gear and intensity always on screen. It follows the IMLP race course so you can pick out scenery and best of all it can be played with commentary and soundtrack or JUST the commentary. The music sucks bad, so I look forward to using just-commentary and play my own music in the background. I also learned that there is an Ironman Kentucky version that we'll pick up for our planned 2012 event.

The only cooking tool I know how to use
Since it was Mrs LoTC turn to go for a run, I cooked dinner. I don't know how to cook much, but I do like to barbeque! It was a bit nippley out (-10) but I got it done. We tend to eat much healther when she cooks so I much prefer those nights!


Swim: 1:00hr  3000m
Bike:   1:30hr

Got bored with the camera so I took a couple shots
They actually cleaned the garage
so the car can fit in!

Pool Closed


  1. I need one of those saddles! Trouble is I spent $200 on a sweet saddle last year. :(

  2. I should pick up a copy of that DVD. I had more trouble staying in the seat last night during my ride due to boredom. I am happy to report that my ass hurts less thanks to the seat adjustment.

  3. I found the ism adamo last year. The best thing I've ever done for myself. Hands down.

    I found mine on ebay for $125. I also sold my fizik arione to balance out the cost.

    I'm glad you, your frank and your beans can ride comfortably now.

  4. Don't you have to have a set of balls in order to feel discomfort in them?!

    I have heard that changing the seat makes the world of difference. So far I am still in my original saddle. It has not been bad after last summer.

    Nice biking.

  5. I'm shocked Matty O didn't pick up on it:

    "I can't wait to play with it tomorrow night!"

    That's what she said.

  6. congrats! I deliberately left that one out there and I'm shocked MattyO didn't take the bait!

    I went to edit it but decided that he could use some low hanging fruit. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make em' easier next time! lol

    U rock MissFit!!

  7. JP, cool on the seat, most important and you're lucky you found a good one. Indoor trainers are the best for knowing if you're seat is comfortable because you don't move much. If you like it now, you're going to love it on the road.

    I did learn something, "I didn't realize you had balls". hahaha


  8. Yeah that is the seat I sharted on for 300KM last year before I bought one :) Hahaha enjoy it :)



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