Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hubs & Hotties

Mrs LoTC humping the Parts box as usual. Perv.

Two late nights in a row have taken its toll. I'm feelin' whooped.

An evening of tinkering with the bike resulted in a missed bike ride. Followed by a semi-missed run.
The next evening was a late night at the office which means a missed 'optional' strength training session the next morning.

I say semi-missed run because I did run, just not at the training plan's pace. I went for a very short, very slow run with my father's running group. It was fun, great conversation but we were only holding a 6:30min/km average. It was actually really really hard to find my footing and never did get comfortable going that slow. In the end I have some pain along the front of my shins from running that slow. It didn't feel natural, it was tough. Anyhow, it was better than nothing and that was the first time I have run with someone in 16 weeks. It was nice having company for a change!

I'm rescheduling my missed bike to double up with my swim tonight. The strength training session can be scrapped. I don't mind! hah!

There's a zoomed version of the photo floating around
my computer but I was veto'd on posting it. U can use your
imagination. Or just use your own zoom ;) lol!

I can't wait to get working on the bikes again. I figure at this rate, I won't be able to touch them until Friday evening. I did learn one thing though - the frame headset is different type than advertised. I ordered the incorrect headset. Unfortunately the local stores carry what I need but only at 3 times the price of what I can easily get it for online. Ouch! Overall not bad, so far that is the only screw-up on the parts order. At least the wrong part wasn't overly pricey so nothing lost. Well, except I have to find the proper one and dont feel like waiting another week for it to ship. I'll keep shopping.
As I build and install I will post individual pics.

Nice 'hubs'!

New foots for me!

old vs new. I'd say my wear indicators are perfect. Neutral for sure.

Whos putting all this crap together??

Run - 0:45hrs 6:30 snail pace fun


  1. Hahaha, PERV. Sooooo will that "missing" pic be in tomorrow's post ;)

    congrats on being a neutral runner. That means you can buy any shoe in the world haha.

    What a pain in the ass. I would rather pay to have the bike assembled than waste a whole week on it. I wouldn't have the patience.

    I am sure she is getting sweet upgrades though for the $$$ saved on the end price.

    Dude, you are ALLOWED to miss a workout. Everything I have read says that they don't expect you to make every workout. Calm down and get your panties out of a bunch.

    Running that slow causes injuries. I got my current issues from running San Francisco with Heather. I told her, NEVER EVER EVER again am I running WITH HER!

  2. great new gear!
    all the way around:)

    late nights now are okay...I have a feeling late nights in the meat of the schedule will be not so possible


  3. J, few things. First thanks for not having any cat photos today and it was nice that you took a top down shot of the mrs with her low cut shirt. MUCH better than the cat stuff. haha. Secondly, running slow every once in a while can be beneficial, as you mentioned your using different muscles. And finally, NICE SWAG, good luck with the build. Looks better than Christmas at your place.


  4. I am dying to help you put it all together.. hahahahaah what is the matter with me? You must post alot of pics so I can follow along.

  5. Remind me never to run with you. You know, the whole "unfair" advantage thing with your 10 foot long legs.
    As for the pictures, it looks like that bike box is getting it done for Mrs.LOTC, better watch out or you might be replaced!



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