Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupid Swim

You know when bedtime is approaching but you need to work on something that'll only take 20 minutes but you hesitate to start? Well I didn't hesitate, and sure enough it took more like 200 minutes. What started as an easy aerobar swap turned into an all night adventure. The cables had to be re-routed, the shifters ripped apart since they were now being mounted 'upside down'. The routing on the new bars was nothing like the original so I had to make it all fit. I think I got to bed around midnight.

Oh did I mention our parts arrived? Yup, we got our new toys last night. Everything to build Mrs LoTC carbon bike up, and a few goodies for myself. I'll post pictures tomorrow - I forgot to upload them.

So I spent the entire evening tinkering on the bikes and then I went for a swim. Yes, it was valentines day and I didn't get to cuddle with the wife. We did get to spend some brief time covered in grease together while preping the build. But still, she deserves better! I have to work late tonight so I won't even see her, then I spend the next couple of nights training to make up for a missed session this morning since I slept in after a late night wrenching. Yah, you can say it - Husband fail. I didn't even get her a card. Again.

My swim was fantastic though! I throttled up enough to get the heartrate going and had some fun. That was a quality session. I think my swim has improved a notch. I've been playing with perceived exertion and pace to get a feel for how quick I should be going. Ever since Matty-O mentioned he was doing 1:30min/100m blind folded with one hand tied behind his back, I've been testing myself to see where I stand. I am definitely happy with my progress!


Swim - 1:00hrs
Bike - skipped, rescheduled


  1. sooooo jealous you know how to do all that crap!!
    BUT at least I can change a tire now:)

  2. Ditto on what DRog said about being jealous you can re-route cables and all that jazz! Just thinking about doing anything beyond changing a tire is overwhelming!

    I think Valentine's Day is over-rated and spending quality time with Mrs LoTC working on bikes is much better than a card!!!

    On a totally unrelated note, that's great the race wheels worked out for you! I think I ended up with a better deal as well - my LBS had a set of new 2009 Zipp 606 tubulars that I got for ~60% off. Still a big chunk of change but I'm PSYCHED about them! I can always sell a kidney if this tri stuff bankrupts me... right? :)

  3. DR - I worked in a bike shop for a few years when I was younger so I'm comfortable building bikes no problem :) Believe me, I've more than my fair share of wrenching nightmares and no book or course could replace experience when it comes to working on a bicycle lol!

    AM - I hope she see's it that way too! :) Thats awesome about your 606's - those are really hot wheels, I seriously looked at a pair of those. Post pics when you get a chance!
    I'm screwed on the kidney front - mine is busted. Perhaps I can get a deal on my liver or a lung? Judging by my running pace, I'm only using one of my lungs. The other doesn't seem to be doing anything lol

  4. Like DRog. I'm so jealous of you. Wow, you worked in a bike shop. I barely can change a bike tire :-(.

    I'm sure that Fran will forgive you for the Valentine as long as you build her the new bike.

  5. High five for Valentines Day A-Holes haha. Oops. At least I brought my wife with me to swim ;)

    I hate building mechanical crap. Always afraid I will pull up to a stop sign and the thing will collapse in front of everyone haha.

    Keep up the good work man. Take the wife training with you, I think she could walk your run pace ;)



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