Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Light Blonde

Those are Light-Blonde, not grey.

You know you had a good workout when it came a day early. For me, after Yoga or a strength training session I am fine the next day but then the second day after the workout everything is really sore and tender to the touch. Not this time though. I woke up sore the very next day, and my back was in knots. Something I did during that Yoga session was not liked by my lower back. I've gone so long without lower back pain that I thought I was cured, as if all my training gave me what I needed to eliminate lower back pain. Well I was wrong.

This was a day of action! The first day back after a super-long weekend and I'm pumped to complete all those things I've been putting off for awhile. At the office I tied up a million loose ends, and even had time to go get my bush whacked. I hate paying for overpriced haircuts so I put them off as long as possible and while my head was nice and warm in this weather I was beginning to look like Cousin IT.

Its light blond. Not grey.

Thats what I tell myself but it seems everytime I get it chopped I can see more and more 'light colored' bits in there. I didn't go grey until I met my wife. I'm pretty sure she is the cause!

In the evening I began to cable-up the wife's bike. I was just getting into it until I realized the downtube cables demanded barrel adjusters. Pfft go figure, that is a spec they didnt list on the website. That is a great feature but you would think they would have listed that as a spec so I could order the parts. Oh well, I'll make a quick stop at the bike store the next day.

Training wise, I was happy to see my little goldfish join me at the pool tonight. This was the first swim the wife has done in awhile and while she kicked and screamed and whined the whole way there, she got some quality fin flapping in. Just like my bike ride from earlier in the morning - I cut my swim short short. In the morning I got a less-than-stellar bike in. It's recovery week so I cut my workouts back to 70% duration. I did not want to be on that bike, mentally I was in the wrong place. It took forever to just warm up and I barely got into 'the zone'. I was day dreaming or something because on at least 3 separate occasions I was riding and just stopped pedaling and didn't notice. I would snap back to reality and realize I was just sitting on the bike not pedaling. I think I may have been sleeping with my eyes open. I was not into that workout at all.

My new cut is uneven, the wife dont like it

Energy levels are low. I got to bed early the last couple of nights, I even had a nap after work but I'm still exhausted. I suspect my body is tired from repairing itself after Yoga. I can't believe how much that stuff hurts!


Bike - 0:45hrs recovery
Swim - 0:35 recovery



    Yoga has helped my lower back pain... I would be in so much pain every day that I was popping tons of pills daily. Then I started doing yoga 2 times a week and it was all gone. Keep up with it. The first few times are brutal. Its also key to not force the poses... you could be potentially pulling muscles instead of stretching them.

    The training plan I am following that allows wings and beer was the "I USED TO BE COOL TRAINING PAYNE PLAN". This plan is no longer in existence for the creator is now a lame ass old fart. So I have to train off of memory now.

  2. oh my god I think i know what barrel adjusters are!! Cable work is scary.. it's too close to brake work.

  3. Barrel adjuster are a great invention. Crappy way to have to stop a project though.
    lol, did you fall asleep ? thats flippen hillarious.

  4. how many times am I going to have to say it
    your bike skillz are a ma zin

    im loving the yoga its been hellping me i think




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