Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Noodle Knees

Bike P0rn
Awww Yes! Feelin' g00d! More on that in a moment.

I'd like to interrupt our regularly scheduled program for some nudie pics. Bike Pr0n FTW! I forgot to attach a picture of my new shoes, neud carbon 66mm clinchers.

So anyhow, Peter over at Tripple Yadda had repeatedly mentioned something about a foam roller for IT Band issues. I've seen this a few times throughout my comments but was quick to dismis yet another marketing gimmick being force fed to wannabe atheletes on the next greatest thing to make them faster, stronger, last longer in bed yadda yadda yadda.

Taking the advice, I called the local running bandits store to see if I could find one of these alleged foam rolling devices. After a 10 minute speach on how this device will change my life forever, he got to the really good part: Are you F'in kidding me? 30 bucks for a peice of foam? So I went online to see what this thing looked like. I'm expecting some high-tech looking device with at least a little bling factor, maybe a built in MP3 player or Wireless internet connection. Nope, just a hunk of foam. Pffft, They can kiss my hairy white a$$ if they think I'm giving them more than 5 bucks for that.

To the drawing board.....

Warming up my Noodle

Running stores can Kiss my hairy $30 a$$

Matty-O Size


Feels so goooood. Owwwwwwwwwww!

Daddy Long-Legs

I only needed it for my IT Band. I think if I wanted to use it for other rolling-cises I would need something a bit taller/thicker. This worked perfect for me, I even have enough noodle for a couple more. The foam is just soft enough to take the bite off the grinding of the leg. I noticed the effect immediately. I take back all the bad things I've said about Peter, that guy was actually right about something this time! Wow, I seen seemingly instant relief. I'm in Heaven! Heck, at this rate I'm feeling good enough to hit my bike ride tonight! Thank you so much for being so insistent that I buy into your 'As seen on TV' slap-chop gimmicks :) When I finished with the foam roller, I upgraded my design to something a little more hadkore. This worked even better, but you have to be ready to trade IT Band pain/tightness for bruised thighs lol. That is a just plain old Nalgene water bottle from our backpacking trips. I liked the foam pool noodle because it was 2 bucks and I get 3 rollers from it. This bottle was laying around, it might cost a few bucks more but worked better. I'm still in awe over the relief I'm getting from something so simple.


  1. I used the foam roller last night at the club = no fee!! :)
    though I think I might have to change to a water bottle now

  2. Pictures...LMAO!!

  3. you honestly went there... you bought a foam noodle, YOU CHEAP ASS! hahaha, I like it though. Pretty clever.

    I have "the stick" which is a bunch of plastic rollers that I use. I want to punch someone because it grinds the heck out of my leg.

    You got that much relief from a stupid piece of foam? Wow.

    Loved the new shoes. Crazy man, hope you like them!!! For some reason I have no desire to get those... Thank goodness, I couldn't afford them anyways.

    I give you an at a boy for creating your own foam roller for 1/10th the cost.

  4. Ill send you my address to forward those new bike kicks. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Nice.

  5. I totally agree with Matty. you're a cheap ASS!! Holy crap. how much did you spend on your new seat and rims??

    keep in mind that you should be also paying attention to your calves, shins, esp quads, hip flexor and lower back. i don't think you can get to some of those places because the noodle and/or bottle is not thick enough. trust me, when you nail them, you'll be sore. use ice afterwards

    stop being a cheap bastard and spend the $30. It might mean the difference between IMLP 2011 or 2012.

    btw, u owe me a beer or two or three or.....

  6. I used a fire extinguisher and found a trigger point roller to be Much More Comfortable. :)

  7. J, it looks like the INSIDE of the foam is the perfect size for you.

    The rollers are great, I've been using "The stick" for a long time. Best however is ITB stretches after every session.

    Standing upright, put one leg behind the other, keep knees straight and try to touch the floor. Only takes about a year for it not to be painful to do. VERY BENEFICIAL. I used to have ITB problems, sever, and since doing that stretch, no more problems.

  8. I second and third what Peter and Bryan said. Mainly that you might be able to fit it inside that noodle hole LOL.

    Stretch, ice, don't be a cheap ass, repeat.

    Google IT Band stretches (if you haven't already). Great demos on what to do to target those areas and stretch your lower back as well since its all connected.

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