Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Core Meltdown


Suck would be about 10 levels ABOVE where I rate on the rating scale. At least if I sucked, then I could improve, however I don't even suck at it. I am just completely incapable of performing any of the core strength training exercises on my Traithloncore workout video.

As I lay face first on the ground, collapsed in a pool of my own Fail sweat, I wonder how the frack am I gonna get better at this stuff. I don't even want to do it. I'm not enjoying myself whatsoever. Who's idea was it to do this workout DVD anyways? This is stupid. I just want to cry. Quick, somebody call me the phuckin' Whhaaaaambulance.

Anyhow, that was my day. Snow day today, I couldn't get out of our survey. I made an honest effort but the snow drifts are too much for the car. Mrs. LoTC took the truck so I stayed home.

Yesterday was a bit messed up on the training front. I got up in the morning to get a bike in but then got distracted and missed my workout. Not a problem since I could just do the bike in the evening and skip the run. The runs are extremely important at this point of the training program but as good as my IT Band is feeling, I would like to give it just one more day to be safe. I left the bike until the last moment, it was a late night, but a very quality ride at least!

I think I'm ready to run though. That foam roller did the trick. The Triathloncore DVD has a bunch of roller techniques that I would like to try. Its about the only thing I can do on that video.

I don't know about this workout video crap. Talk about a kick in the balls.


Swim:  1:00hrs
Bike:   1:30hrs
Strength:  0:30hrs PHATB0Y U SAWK! FAIL.


  1. Kick in the Balls is Good

    HAve you already been thru the entire IMLP DVD?
    Im gonna do it Monday I think....


  2. Suck it up John, You know shite gts better and easier shortly there after we stop trying to figure out why we suck at it.

  3. J, good training day, way to S.I.U. Glad to hear you facing some mental strain. It puts hair on your chest. haha


  4. Yeah, great feeling huh? After I did my first ab workout this year I hurt for a week straight. Pathetic.

    Give it a week or so and you should be able to do like 2 things on the video haha!

    Amazing though, do endurance training regularly and your core is for crap? I still don't get it.

    We never get snow days. You Canadians must be complete pansies...

  5. My endurance training leads to slimness, but as for abs that make me a mean, lean situp machine - forget it! One day...or not.



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