Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoga Take Two

Itchy calve?

The pool was closed today. It's called Family Day in these parts, its an official holiday so no work means long weekend! Technically super-long weekend since I took the warm Friday off to do my long run. I dont count that 31Km run as a holiday though. I would have gladly of worked instead! lol j/k

So unable to swim, we opted to do some Yoga. I haven't tried it for almost two weeks now. It has taken this long to recover and not have aches and pains in areas of my body that I didn't know existed. At least this time the wife is joining me. This way I can laugh at her, poke and prod her, and test her calmness during Yoga. That was the highlight of the workout :)

Whats that smell?

I think I did OK. My biggest weakness is the fact I cannot straighten my leg no matter how hard I try when lifting it. Actually, my biggest weakness is EVERYTHING but there are differnt levels of Suck. Some moves just suck more than others. I felt great afterwards! 'Things' were protuding around my mid section. Either those are muscles flexing or I got a lump of pizza stuck in my intestine again. Either way, it was sore.

Yoga Instructor

The day was topped off with a surprise package arriving! On a holiday? I had no idea the delivery people worked on a holiday, awesome for me! Sucks for them! We have been waiting on the seatpost clamp for the wife's bike and I had my own goodies in that order - Aero Carbon Water Cage/Bottle, some Kona water bottles and a spare Dura Ace cable set. All parts have arrived for the Mrs Bike now. I can stop making excuses to not finish it. The only thing I'm waiting on now is the carbon water bottle cages for the XLab holder. Hopefully they'll come this week!


Strength - 1:30hrs Yoga P90x


QR Clamp installed, sporting a carbon seat post!

I haz an Aero


Post & Saddle installed

Perfect Fit!


  1. thank god the damn cats are gone!

    SO... who gets the actual yoga mat and who had the chewed piece of fabric?

    It takes a long time to gain flexibility. I am not that good at it but I love the difficulty of the workouts. It's something with no weights and you are just standing and twisting and getting such an intense workout... crazy.

  2. I got the chewed piece. lol

    I agree with Matty O, it is a definite challenge but the benefits are worth it. You will be able to straighten your legs one day if you keep practicing yoga. I will be able to one day as well! :)

  3. I want to see pics of John doing yoga, I think we could all use a good laugh :)

  4. John you are such a pre-madonna, give your wife the better mat :) (I have the better mat in our house too haha!)

  5. I'm not paying 236235623 dollars for a stupid mat. That 'chewed up' mat is more comfortable. Its actually a camping sleeping mat cut in half. Waaaay cheaper than a dumb yoga mat. And more comfortable!

    Pics of me doing Yoga? I think we could arrange something. *evil grin*



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