Monday, March 7, 2011

Bike Show 2011

Modeling her outfit

There must be something wrong with me. It is Saturday and I'm voluntarily up at 8am! Either I'm ill or today is the Toronto International Bicycle Show! Yay!

This show is big, but I'd say it's only 20% manufacturers showing off their new stuff  and the rest is, 30% events and charity ride registration, and 50% marketplace. The marketplace is always a zoo, it's like a huge flea market really! A ton of local bike shops blowing out last years stuff, there are some killer deals to be found if you know what you're looking for.

I wore running shoes cuz its likely to be long hard day at the show!

Represent. Got lotsa comments, I felt special :)

I like checking out the long distance charity and fundraising rides. Some of them can be several days long, fully supported along the best scenery. Unfortunately the few that we really want to do will not fit into the calendar this year, but we know what to schedule around for 2012. Admitedly one of my biggest objectives of the bike show is to get the route maps from these rides and the local club ride map's so that I can find the good roads and scenery. This way we can do these routes on our own and not mess about with poor planning, overpriced fees and non-cyclists screwing up the trip for everyone. I just need to know the route they take! :)

The first thing in the morning glare, also known as
"If you fuck with me I will rip your ballz off" look.

Some cool things that caught my eye this year was the Bamboo bike. Frames literally made from bamboo! They'll build any type of frame you want for $800, even tri-bikes. Of course, I was more interested in doing it cheaper by growing my own bamboo in my back yard hah! Is that even possible? He said the bamboo is actually grown in B.C. which surprised me. I figured bamboo was a tropical plant thingy. I think I would rather wait until someone tests the strength and quality of the bikes first lol.

Bamboo Frame!

I was surprised to see our bike rack at the show with a new security feature. It had a built-in cable to lock the bike to which is above and beyond the lock cores you can get for the for the swing-arm. Too bad they dont make the new feature separate so we can add it to our rack. Considering what we paid for the stupid thing, they better offer it for previous owners. I try not to think about what the rack cost us to hold just two bikes - $700. It's really easy to get the bikes on and off though, but still.
I also seen some sweet chainrings that I liked. I've seen them online but didn't think much of it until I I got my hands on them. I want a set, they look cool. I don't care what their function is, they just look cool. hah.

I want!

Bike Parking at Union Station - cool!

Nice Bling just for running a Marathon, they weigh a ton!



The new XTR is ugly. I prefer the previous 'X' design

On to the marketplace I had done my research ahead of time. I knew of all the makes and models of the shoes I was interested in, as well as what sizes were available for the best price anywhere in the world. If I couldn't find it at the bike show for reasonably close then I would just buy it there. One of the best things about the bike show is you can try on every make and model of anything you could possibly want all in one visit! Bike stores are horrible for having 'your size of bike shoe or having your size in several diffent models to try them out. At the bike show you can try them all since while not every booth has everything, you're bound to find what you're looking for at another. One-stop shopping, I love it! It was worth it too, because the two models and sizes of shoes that I was itchin' to buy online were actually crap. I'm so glad I didn't buy them! In the end I found the exact shoes I was looking for and for a wicked awesome price in a rare 'wide' size that I needed. Needle. Haystack. WIN!
Bamboo Bike

Dream Bike


New Bike rack feature, I like!
It's gonna take alot more than a smile
to convince me to buy that for you ;)

We were also looking for clothing, namely cycling shorts and bib-shorts. Clothing is one of those thing I can't bring myself to buy online. It's too risky to get the wrong size and have to pay to send it back.
We tried on a trillion things. Did I mention the marketplace was big? 8hrs big. 8hrs of on our feet shopping booth to booth looking for the sweetest deals. Anyone can find bike shorts for $50 but finding high-quality bike shorts for that price takes some skill.
She found some jerseys and shorts for herself. Good price, not great but good enough. Typical woman just jumps on whatever she finds first and buys buys buys whereas I am a bit more strategic.
Several Womans jerseys - $60 for $20
Cycling shorts $100 for $60
Spending bazillions as usual
LG Gloves $30 for $17

I scored the sweetestestest deals of the day:
Specialized Bib - $150 for $50
LG Bib - $120 for $60  My favourite bib as I already have one and am in love with it. Wish they had more in stock.
Ext Bib - $250 for $70 no $50 because he rang the register wrong.. SWEEEEET!
Specialized Pro Carbon Road shoes - $350 for $180

Long day, sleep driving.
Heck, I completely missed our exit when we got home.
Picards peanuts. Evil comes in bit size.
The goods

Popcorn, literally. Just stick it in the microwave as is.
BG Pro Carbon - oh baby!

More modelling

She's modelling MY shorts. I approve.


  1. You two got some really nice deals!!

    I missed the bike show this year but I visited it the previous 2 years and I agree that there are some killer deals to be found if you know what you're looking for.

    That Bamboo bike is a really interesting concept. I am curious how it's going to pass the test of time.

  2. im familiar with the Morning Glare!

    great gear WOW


  3. LOL the morning glare. Man consider yourself lucky, Heather has the mid-day glare, afternoon glare, and don't fuck with me glare (this one is the most common and trumps all the other glares).

    Great steals on those purchases man.

    Bamboo bike... sheesh, those 3rd world countries are still trying to get in the market huh?

  4. That bike show sounds awesome (and dangerous for my wallet)! You guys found some really good deals.

    I have the Specialized Pro Carbon road shoes and love them. They're 2 seasons old and have held up really well.



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