Thursday, March 3, 2011


I woke up sore. That hasn't happened in awhile so I know I wasn't imagining things when I felt like I was pushing hard through my last few workouts. I was happy that it was a rather uneventful day. I like that the sun is shining bright again. We have sun in the morning and we have just enough in the evening to get my runs in before dark. I love it! I seen my shadow for the first time in ages on Tuesday night's run. It was 30ft long and I looked good, but only cuz it really thinned me out quite nice. With the time change coming soon we should have enough daylight to start trail running again! I love trail running, especially the biggest baddest hills. We just need it to dry up though. Leaving the office yesterday I was admiring the sunlight until I stepped outside. Looks can be deceiving as it was -13059235 celsius out. Ok, maybe I'm exagerating, it was more like -13059234 celsius but still, very very cold! Sun does not equal warmth. I get that now. It still beats a dark cold though!

I've been nagging the wife to find my fat man photo's so I can do up my PFG story(Previously Fat Guy). Originally when I asked her to find my fat photo's she didn't hesitate to say 'oh I know just the ones!'. I'm not sure how to take that. lol It's like she had a catalogue of my fatness in her head and knew precisely what pics I looked my biggest. Thanks I guess? lol :) She found them and I can confirm I was bigger than I thought lol. I just have to scan them and finish writing my post still.

So my swim turned out tough. Those hard workouts I did earlier in the week caught up with me and I struggled to find my rythm. I just didn't have it in me to sprint, so I just held a steady 1:45-1:50min/100m pace for just about an hour. Not all workouts can be visits to the hurt locker. I'm not disappointed with the workout by any means, I'm happy that I am finally taking Swim/Bike to the next level.


Swim - 1:00hr


  1. Can't wait to hear your fat guy story!!

  2. I only hurt after lifting... I need to pick up the intensity I guess?

    Can't wait for the PFG story. I am CERTAIN that Bryan will not ALLOW any CAT pictures in it. Just when I thought you were out of cat pics here they come again... damnit!

    Nice pool work man. I can't swim that long yet. I did however have a JP moment yesterday when I did 1,000 straight in the pool. I said, "why should I stop and touch the bottom, there will be no bottom come IM". And I thank you for that.

  3. I hurt sometimes after workouts, always after lifting though. Nice work in the pool you rock star!

  4. It was effing cold last night. The weather beat me and I didn't go for a run. It's pretty odd that I skip a run because of weather but that wind was the worst, no amount of layering would have least that's what I'm telling myself!

  5. lookin forward to the PFG story! good job gettn thru the swim

  6. Yeah that is right, don't mess with me sucka! ha I don't know what has gotten into me this week I am all crazy. ha Forest Engineers tell the lumberjacks what trees to cut, we don't get to actually cut the trees. But I did win a chainsaw competition once...long story, but I over celebrated and peed on a ceiling.

  7. J, looking forward to the photo's and story.



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