Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am FASTing. The doc told me to fast before going to get blood work so I had to try to completely ignore food for 12hrs. Being a Previously Fat Guy, this is no small feat! So what do you do to occupy the mind and keep yourself from thinking of food?

I trained.

Sure my body is still sore from ATB and I'm craving a Large Pepperoni pizza but I figure the best thing for my body right now is not to be sitting still and stiffening up. I jumped on the bike for an hour and spun the pedals. That actually feels really good after a tough run, it really loosens things up! When I was done the ride I was hungry. I craved fooooood. So instead of sitting around starving to death, I went swimming! I pounded out a 1 hours swim with some great sprint sets of 1:24/100m! This was my first real workout since ATB, so I enjoyed it. My hips are especially sore, the water helps a bit.

When I got home I was really hungry. So I just went to bed. I tried to sleep but my stomach rumbled all night. Around 6am I got out of bed, drank a ton of water and then - jumped on the bike again. This was a solid hour, nothing recovery about it. Luckily I am allowed to drink water so I filled up on as much water as I possibly could. I finished it just in time to shower and goto the medical lab so I had no time to get hungry again. At least that is what I told myself. Feelin' a bit woozy behind the wheel, but I made it!

Touch & Go Baby... Touch and Go...  ;)
This is my last base build week. Starting next week I ramp up to begin the performance part of the training program. 12 weeks of carnage. I warned the wife that is the part where she'll have to be strong. I will not be around much. There will be alot of touch and go (no pun intended! hah) so I need her to be understanding. I need a solid 12 weeks of perfect training. No skipping, no lolly gagging, just lots of pain and suffering. I can't wait!


Bike - 1:00hrs Spin recovery
Swim - 1:00hrs Full on
Bike - 1:00hrs Full on


  1. Blood work never sounds good, hope it all comes back clean, other than the left behinds from that "girl" you dated before Fran came along :)

  2. no way I could swim on a fasting day, I get SO hungry from swimming. You are a better man than I am. And where ya been, a good easy pedal is great leg recovery. Even I knew that..

  3. LOL... omg, that cat pic is too much!!

  4. That cat picture is hilarious!! I am with Adena, I get so hungry swimming, it would be tough for me to swim on a day I had to fast.

  5. Stupid idea #1 - Swimming on a fasting day.

    Stupid idea #2 - The first cat pic sucks.

    Great idea #1 - Touch and go, at least now Fran will understand when it's over in 15 seconds.

    Great idea #2 - It ain't gonna suck itself ladies!

    Haha, glad you hammered out some nice workouts. Getting fast in the pool too!!! Sounds like its time to start getting serious with this triathlon stuff. Good luck as you start ramping up!

  6. I hate fasting for blood work. I could never do all those workouts and fast... I'd probably pass out or break down and eat something!

  7. I can't believe you got in so many workouts while fasting! Impressive. But what I want to know is what did you eat after the blood work??



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