Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sinking Feelings

So we got kicked out of the pool last night. I didn't even hear the whistle, Bruce(Road Rebel) had to get my attention before I flip twist-turned. There was underwater Rugby going on in the other pool and it looked like someone was rendered unconcious and sunk. They pulled him out and we waited while paramedics arrived. That's unfortunate and all but I had to bite my tongue from asking whether we can go back in the pool soon. Some guy could be dieing and all I can think about was this is going to cost me 1000m of training.
Allergy Warning - This Blog may contain Feline
Luckily the guy was fine, or so it looked. They did let us back in eventually so I made up for the missed distance by doing 1:30min/100m sets. It varied by plus or minus 4 seconds but damn what a workout! I like this whole speed work thing! I still don't kick as hard because my hips are inflamed from Sunday's race. I'm still holding back a bit while I recover.

While chilling in the sauna, the resident Ironman mentioned there is a 'new' multisport store in the next town over. I had no idea! Strange location I thought, but regardless I can't wait to go check it out! Actually the owner went out of his way to meet me at the Around The Bay Race but I didn't understand what he meant when he said "I own the store in Paris". I figured it was a running shoe store or something. I know where ALL the bike shops are, but apparently I missed out on a few new ones opening. This one has been around for some time now, I'm just late to the party lol.

I almost got excited because it's close enough to join in on their organized group rides except ummm I don't have a bike anymore. I have a Tri-Bike but thats not something they usually group ride with. They are known for alot of cyclocross and road biking, neither of which I have anymore since I gutted my road bike to build the wife's bike. Damn. I don't know what to do here, I can almost kinda sorta justify a cheap cross-bike purchase but this has been an expensive winter of bike buying. I can't fathom buying yet another bike.

I looks like I'll be going it alone, no group rides for me this year..... ? :(

I'll still have my mountain biking at least. I was never interested in road riding until this winter. After watching all those road racing videos while on the trainer, it has peaked my interest. I think my underlying plan of attack here is to keep an eye out for a used cyclocross bike. I'll just swap in a set of road wheels for road riding. Used cross bikes seem to be hard to come by, even online. I'll keep an eye open.

On a side note, I doubled up on workouts agian. Bike morning, swim evening. Nutrition wise I have been a good boy for the past 48hrs so I really really really hope I can continue this trend. I'm hoping the scale is only registering on the high-side because I'm retaining muscle repair water post-race. It's dangerously close to my 'oh $hit' weight. It said 178lbs the other day. Damn. Water, please just be water. If I get to 180lbs I'm gonna go all starvin marvin on myself. I refuse to let it get any higher!


Bike - 1:00hrs
Swim - 0:50hrs (late speed work)

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