Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flexible Asia

Luckily I am flexible. Not in the yoga-touch-my-toe-to-the-nose kinda thing, but in the rearranging of my training plan and schedule to accomodate life!

After all that careful studying of events and races and coming up with my original race schedule, I have now dropped a bomb on my entire plan. 'Other' events like epic mountain bike rides, vacation, cottage and newfound triathlon events have taken over my calendar all in the past week. I guess with this brief glimpse of warm weather, people have started to plan out their own summers. In order to mesh with key groups of friends and family, I had to be willing to sacrifice a few things. Win some, lose some.

I need to go back and plan this out on a calendar but as it sits, I've dropped Milton Triathlon in favour of an epic mountain bike ride with an awesome group or riders. Risky, given the insane terrain but I managed to come out of it mostly injury free last year  albeit a permanent scar on my calf.
I shoe horned in a couple cottage weekends that make an Ironman look like a walk in the park. My liver just twitched at the thought.
Tentatively I've taken on the Woodstock triathlon and definitely the Chemong Lake triathlon. There will be a breathalyzer test involved with the Chemong tri and it's not to ensure we're sober! Beer runs are for pussies. Real men do beer tri's! I wasn't kidding about the breathalyzer.
Last but not least, the Muskoka Long triathlon is tenatively scrapped as well.

I'll wait a couple of weeks before re-re-planning things. One this is for sure, all these changes are for the better! This is going to be a crazy awesome summer!

On the training front I also applied my flexibility. The DST change was too much to get up for early morning rides, so I combined 3 workouts into one and did them in the evening. 3hrs on the bike trainer which is exactly one lap of the Ironman Lake Placid 'virtual reality' DVD. Long ride, sore legs, great workout! I am looking forward to getting this Around The Bay running race out of the way, I want to concentrate on my biking again. I'm not feeling as strong as I would like to. Yet. I didn't mind missing my swim, its a short pool anyway since they move the bulkheads to let the kiddy pool be bigger. Not worth training in a 22m pool. Screw that.

I'm a little disappointed today. My carbon water bottle cages still have not come, they were 'shipped' February 7th. The china-man says they're probably lost in the mail and will send new shipment. While I hope BOTH sets show up, that'd be nice, I question if either have been sent in the first place. I'm debating putting a stop on the payment via the creditcard company. The original shipping method did not include tracking number, but I demanded to get one for the re-ship ones. I should have the tracking number by tomorrow. I've had surprisingly great experience with ordering direct from China, this would be the first glitch so far.


Bike - 3:00hrs


  1. wow, talk about a complete overhaul there man.

    Glad you can keep track of all the events, you sound busier than us... crazy man.

    Cottage weekends, LOVE THEM, my parents have a place we take our boat out to the sand bar with a full cooler of beer and return when the cooler is empty. Good times. Love boating :)

  2. You have to do WS, that is your only head-to-head with Freddie! Plus, my daughter is doing the 3yr old splashn'dash and that shit is going to be insanely cute!

  3. It's good to be flexible! Only problem around here is you have to sign up for key events so far in advance that if your cheap like me, you are then locked in since I don't want to waste the money :)

  4. Those cottage weekends might do more harm than good for IMLP race training but will be beneficial to IMLP post race training :)

    I would suggest something longer than a sprint tri leading up to IMLP, Guelph has a nice Olympic in June but the Muskoka Long is a great race.

  5. I'm going to need to see your new schedule sir.

    Rodney is crazy, that is all.

  6. correct F the 22m pool - nice schedule you are gonna have a great year
    nice 3hr trainer!



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