Friday, March 18, 2011

Heavyweight Pro

Yup, I am back to punishing myself. After reaching a record-setting high on the scale earlier this week I have re-doubled my efforts on the weight loss front. Too little too late, but if I could at least shave a couple pounds by race day that has got to count for something! ATB is only one week away and so far the scale is going in the right direction, but not enough. I wonder if I can pull off a solid week of no snacking. I say 'I wonder' because I'm already doubting myself, thus have doomed myself to fail before even starting.
Thing brings me back to the endless hunger. I haven't felt this in awhile. Not since I actively tried to lose weight. I hate being hungry. This sucks.

Anyhow, I came across an interesting tweet from Craig Alexander that had an EBay auction of the outfit he wore when he won the world championships. It was already going for well over $1000, all to charity of course. Interesting, and of course I suggested Chrissy should do the same and she actually replied to me. Rare to 'celebrities' take the time to bother with the little people, but as Fran suspects it was some marketing intern lackey that responds on her behalf. Regardless, I chose to believe she send me that tweet and deep down inside she knows she wants me.

So last nights group run was the first for Fran, second for me and still in our 'try before we buy' phase. Since the group runs short and slow compared to my training plan, I ran an extra 5Km to the starting point at a fast pace to make up for it. I really enjoyed running with people, this group is really nice and it made for a fun time. I would like to make this group running thing work but that would mean I am going to have to throw a wrench into my training plan to accomodate their speed/pace and schedule. Although, admittedly the pace they do is closer to what my Ironman pace will likely be so it probably wouldn't hurt to learn to be efficient and train the HR properly. I'll make a decision post ATB.
Fran seemed to have fun. I think its perfect for her since running with a group will help motivate her I hope.


Run - 1:10hrs


  1. Good Luck with the weight loss :D

    And obviously Chrissy is the 2nd hottest cause I am the hottest, right? ;)

  2. Would love to ever be able to say the group ran to slow for me...LOL! NOT going to happen.

    How would the wife feel about you sleeping in Chrissy's kit?

  3. OMG did you get her digits?? :) I think she likes you.

    I am on a weight loss plan too, good luck.

  4. hahahaha nice tweets totally LOL

    im soooo focused on the weight loss
    starting monday 18 week countdown
    zeroing in
    fo shizzle


  5. That's awesome Chrissie tweeted back!

    As far as the being hungry thing... I'm reading "Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald right now and one of the suggestions he makes is to eat 2 eggs for breakfast... even though eggs themselves aren't exactly a low-fat food, they fill you up more so you snack less through the day. Not sure how well it will work, but I bought a dozen and hard-boiled them last night so I can try it last week... just thought I'd share!

  6. I lost 3.1 pounds even after the spectacular dinner you guys cooked for me. I'm hoping this program sticks, then again I ate my bodyweight in food when I got home from my run today yet I couldn't walk well so I never made it to the grocery store. Is there such a thing as too much cold tuna pasta salad? yes.. yes there is.

    ps - Chrissie loves you but she wouldn't make you breakfast and lunch. I'm partial to your current wife.

  7. HILARIOUS... how did I miss that exchange of tweets LOL. Even a sense of humor.

    You are a riot... a fatty, but a riot LOL.

    Just scale back your portions a bit and eat more veggies, I lost the weight quick again. 10lbs from my racing weight... so I am in a good position to begin my season here.

    Good luck with the lbs.



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