Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy Start

Foam Roller - Wonderful Pain! I think.
Now that I am feeling 93.5% better, I decided to hit the pool. I couldn't wait to get a workout in, I haven't done anything in a week!

Upon arriving though, something didn't look right with the pool. I didn't notice exactly what it was but then the resident Ironman mentioned we'll be getting dizzy tonight. Wait, THE POOL IS SHORTER! The moved the bulkheads and our section of the pool was a good 2 meters shorter. WTF!?

March Break. They extended the kiddy pool to accomodate all the kids off school. Damn.

Oh well, I just didn't push off the wall at all. It required me to pull hard to get 'up to speed' and by the time you got into a rythm you'd smack your head off the other end. Short pools suck, it makes you dizzy. There's a first for everything so I made the best of it and swam for the hour. I took a couple breaks here and there, thats unusual for me but this was the first workout in a week so I forced myself to take it easy.

Nutritoin wise I'm not where I wanted to be. I ate alot of 'comfort' food, AKA sweets, during my illness. Tonight would have been good eating but the wife and I went out to celebrate her hard work as she got a well deserved promotion at work. She's so awesome! I ate like a pig at East Side Marios and wrote off yet another day of dieting. Maybe two's worth. hah!

The time change messes with my schedule. Given that I'm not 100% healthy yet, I decided to skip morning workouts this week. Technically I would be up at 4:30am to get a workout in an I'm not interested in getting ill again. Besides Around the Bay 30Km race is next week, I don't want to screw this up!

When leaving the pool that resident Ironman guy, who I found his name was Ian, told me about the running/tri group he works out with. I looked up the group and contacted the guy who runs it. I'm hesitant to run with other people since I can't run worth a damn and its not good practice to run someone elses pace. Regardless, it wouldn't hurt to check it out and see if I can find a better runner than me to help get me to that next level. Just the same, my wife and I do not know anybody in Brantford to workout with so this might be a good opportunity to meet like-minded people. I am all about the athlete community! I say athletic community since we've been in the city for a few years now and I still dont know my neighbours names, nor have any friends in this town. Go figure :)


Swim - 1:00hr


  1. HAHA, is that like the short bus they have here in the US?

    Groups are good because it can take your mind off of things and melt away the miles. The one danger I run into... if I don't run "my pace" I start to feel injuries creeping on.

    Nice swim man.

  2. Funny I just posted that I think the key for me to getting faster (I'm darn slow!) is to run with faster runners.

  3. So does that mean you broke down and got a foam roller?

  4. I was sick, but not sick enough to lose all sense of rationale as to give some guy $30 for a stupid peice of foam. :)

    Nalgene bottle works well. As does my rolling pin. :) lol




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