Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 20 & 21 Review

Bad Week
Can we just pretend the last two weeks didnt happen?

I didn't just fall off the wagon, I catapulted off and then got trampled by it.

W20 was going perfect, I had just come off a recovery week and was nailing every workout. I may have pushed too hard but I was full of energy and felt good! Then the weekend happened. An extremely long day at the bike show meant I missed my long bike, followed by missing a long run the next day. When I went to make up for the long run I realized I got more than I bargained for at the bike show - Illness. Caught a cold and the rest of the week was a write-off.

I used the downtime to completely unplug from triathlon. Obviously that meant unplugging from my blog as well, to help clear my mind and not stress about missing training.

I am happy to say that I feel much better, maybe 93% better and plan to resume training this week. I guess I should be glad that in 20 weeks this is the first time I've had a major failure in my schedule. It was also pointed out that I may have been over-training which likely contributed to my illness. I've learned my lesson, I think.

I look forward to putting these couple weeks behind me.

WEEK 20 TOTAL (Set 6, Week 1 - Base Maintenance)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: 2:00hrs
Run: 2:20hrs

TOTAL: 6:20hrs *Missed long bike, long run*

WEEK 21 TOTAL (Set 6, Week 2 - Base Maintenance)

Swim: Nil
Bike: Nil
Run: 1:45hrs

TOTAL: 1:45hrs *Deathly Ill, no Training*


  1. Was wondering why it was so nice recently... oh wait, it was because you weren't posting those damn cats on your blog!!!

    Glad you are back and feeling good again! Now back to your plan!

  2. S**t happens. Let it go. If anything, you're recovering nicely, and once The Sickness is gone, you'll be back to 100%. You've banked the time and work - it won't disappear quickly.

    But next week - HTFU. ;)

  3. glad you are on the mend.. overtraining = not smart. you have to enjoy life. I advise to enjoy it a little less than me though. ;-)



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