Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This means war

Ahhh crap. The past couple of weeks I've had this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to blurt out loud and tease the guys at the office. I kept my mouth shut because the season is not over, and sure enough just as I thought of it, it happens.

Finally. I think the verdict is in.


I'm ill.

I almost made the entire winter without getting sick once. No flu or colds, it has been great! I was going to brag but all good things come to an end.

Sore throat. Compliments of an 8hr day at the Bike show on the weekend no doubt. Now sore throat means one of two things things for me:

1) It will follow the routine - sore throat turns sniffles/sneeze turned cough/congestion turns healthy again. 4 days.
2) The other common scenario for me is sore throat means strep throat, for some reason I've had strep many many times in the past. Can last awhile.

Right now I'm still stuck at sore throat, clammy skin, heavy eyes, drained energy and waiting for it's next move. I am pretty certain I am ill, cuz initially I thought the soreness was just from the yelling & talking over the noise at the bike show. It still hasn't gone away and I'm feeling more than just a lost voice here. While I'm waiting I went and stockpiled some weapons to help fight the battle. I tried to keep the arsenal as healthy as possible but I had to strike a balance with a sugar-induced coma due to Honey Combs.

My legs are stiff as a board. I've never seen the muscle so tight before, I can't even stretch them out. I'm seized right up. So I took a page out of everyone elses book and acquired me 'a stick'. Sorry, but after looking into what 'the stick' was I simply cannot justify giving someone $37 for what looks like just a stick. Are you kidding me? They must be in bed with 'the roller' people that charge $30 for a peice of frickin' foam. Thats just stoopid.

They can kiss my hairy $37 a$$

So, I improvised as usual. I even think my way is better. Wow it feels great!

Works Great!


  1. crap are you ever a cheap bastard!!! oh well, go spend $80 for a massage every week

  2. Cheap ass!

    The stick that I have is ribbed... ... ... alright that is wrong. But it is. The ribs dig in and can get the IT Band that hides by the hamstrings.

    Hurts like a MoFo but totally works. Hope "The Pin" works for you.

    Get better man. YAY NO CATS!

  3. Well I guess I am now glad that I watched your 3 minute video... I realized my current issue with my hips is that my Hip Flexor is tight. Did not know that was what it was but has been hurting really bad.

    Now I get to poke my hip with my stick. Great.

  4. DOOOOOOD, I love your frugalness !! it kicks ass. Get well soon.

  5. LOL! Back awhile ago I was having some issues and didn't have a stick or roller so I grabbed the rolling pin and had my son roll the back of my thigh...oh my god I laughed I cried it was fabulous! I'm with you who needs "the stick" although I confess to getting that $30 piece of foam. :)

  6. I have used a rolling pin before! It works better that the foam roller I think...although My mom bought me the foam roller though and now that is what I use mostly now.

    Get better soon.

  7. I've heard the rolling pin is a good substitute! I did have "the stick" but it seems to have abandoned me when I moved in June. Or ex-bf stole it. Maybe I should get a rolling pin instead, since I don't have one of those either.



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