Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunny Days

It could have been worse...

I took a couple days off work. My sore throat continued to get worse and I just wanted to rest. Plus it hurt too much to talk and I do waaay too much of that at the office.
Surprisingly I have had little to no ambition to workout. Not that I could even if I wanted to. The thought hardly crossed my mind. I've been perfectly content taking my naps and breaking into season 5 of ST:Voyager.
I'm not worried about missing the workouts. Last weekend I was a bit freaked out that being sick means missing workouts, but instead I'm finding its more like a super-duper recovery phase. I'm feeling better, not completely healthy again, but my legs have stopped screaming at me and my back has finally loosened up. I figure another day or two and I'll be ready to ease back into the training routine.

I hope your loved ones are safe!
Be thankful for what you have.

I did try to go see a doctor to get tested for strep throat but the line-up was 5hrs long at the walk-in clinic. I waited an hour but had to leave, people disgust me. I felt like I would die from exposure just being the same cramped little room as 23532532 mouth breathers. I'm not sure it should be a first-come-first-serve basis. As a previously fat guy, I'm all for making the morbidly obese and smokers, among others, automatically move to the back of the line. If you have that much contempt for your health then why make those that care about themselves wait? Just a thought...

Bad Kitty. Just cuz MattyO misses the kitties

On the bright side we've had slightly warmed temperatures and lots of rain. Perhaps just enough to melt the ice layer off the railtrails so I can get a mountain bike ride in. While railtrail is boring, its a great workout and we just so happen to have hundreds of kilometers of it nearby. I'm thinking a century on a mountain bike, I can't wait to try!
Oh and the clocks change this weekend so now there is enough light in the evening to go for trail runs! w000t! Except it will be a bit muddy, but who cares - bring on the sun! yay!

Eathquakes suck. Don't take life for granted.


  1. You likely needed the rest anyway's! yeah for outdoor riding soon.

  2. haha "mouth breathers"

    get well soon


  3. being sick sucks, but sometimes I think it's a blessing in disguise... it's like your body's way of forcing you to slow down and rest/recover. Hope you feel better soon!!



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