Thursday, April 21, 2011

Burnout Bike

It has been a rough week. I am really too tired to write this post but I figured something is better than nothing. So Tuesday night's run did not go so well. I had already planned to make it a very easy, very short run but what I didn't know was that it wouldn't be by choice. I got some shin splint thing going on, the pain was a solid 4/10 and rising. This is cause for concern so I am skipping my Thursday night run for sure!
Wednesday was a looooong day. The stars aligned in my favour which was nice - I went to a trade show at the Niagara falls casino all day and by coincodence my new bike showed up at the postal outlet just across the border ahead of schedule! After the show I crossed over and picked up my bike. What great timing, as this saves me having to make another 3hr trip to get the bike. Plus I can expense the majority of the trip! WIN!
Needless to say I was up all night assembling and tuning my new bike! The brakes gave me alot of trouble, I forgot how much 'fun' it is to setup a cantilever brake system. I used to be able to do it easily but apparently I lost my touch. I'm happy to say it all went together just fine, the bike looks good but I didn't get a chance to ride it since it was almost midnight by the time I finished. Actually I still have to exchange the rubber on the training/race wheels so I still have work to do this evening.
Consultants. Too Much Time On Their Hands.

Today has been crazy. Babysitting a consultant can take alot of energy but I am happy to say I'm a big step closer to finishing a major project. I'm feeling drained and with all the talking I've been doing over the past couple of days and now my throat hurts. I think I'm going to skip tonights workout and rest up, I need it. Thats 2 days of no training which would be scary except even the voices in the back of my mind are too tired to scream at me to go workout. A good sign that a break is needed.

Oh and I set a new record this morning! Last night's on-the-road meal consisted of McDonalds. Yes, hamburger and fries. Yum Yum! I am happy to report I woke up at my lowest recorded weight in the history of EVAR! I thought for sure that with all the pizza I have been eating that the scale would go in the wrong direction. I'm impressed. 171.0


Bike Assembling: Too Long
Bike Tuning: Too F*cking Long
Bike Riding: Too Tired to Care
Run: Ow my shin.


  1. Wow i hit 171 this morning. too bad you're six inches taller. i'm typing this on my 4th beer......carb loading for tomorrow's 3.5 hour run.

  2. bike porn please. So by the cantilever statement im guessing you went with a cross bike ? I may have missed something though, and maybe you got a new MTB. WAITING !!

  3. Shin splints suck man. Try and stay off them for a week or so and ice them like crazy.



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