Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 26 Review

What a lucky week! A bit of flex to my schedule and some big luck on the weather front I was able to put in the first solid outdoor bike week this year!
Monday was gusting 50km/h winds but I rode anyways. An exciting way to start the week off, my schedule said to ride outdoors and I made it happen! Everthing stayed on track for the rest of the weekend except until it came to the weekend. The weather was below my 10C outdoor bike limit and the forcast included 50mm of rain! I took work off Friday to slip a long bike in, but because the temperature dipped below threshold I opted to do a super-hard mountain bike ride. Since the ride would require an exceptional amount of upper body strength on the technical trails, I decide to drop my Thursday swim. I am glad I did, that ride was extremely difficult terrain which equates to a solid workout! One lesson learned this week is that while I shuffled workouts around in the past, I have never really shuffled around a rest day. In 7 days I pushed 17hrs of training and felt it, bigtime! I should have kept the rest day where it was, it is there for a reason. Subsequently my Saturday off felt horrible, I was a zombie and by the end I did not feel rested at all. Lets not do that again. I hope mother nature is done with her sillyness, I need spring to get here pronto!

While the numbers seem like they are down by a couple of hours this week, I know that a solid MTB ride will trump a road ride anyday. I dont hesitate to factor in an additional 20% time wise when comparing it to a road ride. Regardless, I made the mistake of substituting too much MTB last year in place of road riding. I refuse to do that again this year, but I will make an exception this week since the weather was more favourable to MTB.

The forecast for the upcoming week is not favourable. On the other hand, I am entering a recovery week. I am backing right off and taking it easy all week long. I need to be ready for the onslaught of workouts during the next set of my performance phase. The upcoming numbers look really really scary.

TRAINING: (Set 7, Week 3 - Performance Phase)

Swim - 0:50hrs
Bike - 7:20hrs (131Km) (Road - Outdoor!)(4hrs MTB)
Run - 4:10hrs (45Km)
Strength - 0:20hrs

TOTAL - 13:00hrs


  1. nice work on the MTB and mixing it up....also good thought process on not too much substituting this year!

  2. Great numbers! 50mph winds? No thanks. I feel like the end of the world is coming!



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