Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carbon Sprinting

The China-Man came through for me. My Carbon Water Bottle Launchers Cages have finally arrived. I only ordered them back at the beginning of February lol. I had photos but someone misplaced the USB cable to download them so I will wait for it to magically reappear where I put it last. Or Else.

Insert Stolen Kitty Picture Caption Here

I have been doing my best to keep my ears closed. It seems the buzz over the upcoming Paris To Ancaster race is surfacing. I decided to skip it this year. Although registration is still open and when everyone starts getting excited about a race, then I want to join in on the fun too! I try to remember that P2A has pretty much been a miserable cold, windy and muddy ride that I curse every year. Yet somehow I always managed to sign up for it again. This is me putting my fingers in my ears and lalalallalala'ing while walking away. No P2A this year! None of that! I think....

Which brings me to my less than traditional training program. I ran hard last night. Real. Frackin'. Hard. It was great! I broke one of my cardinal training rules - Train Alone. I joined up with the Road Rebels and took the lead with a phenominal runner that set a pace at a level just above mine. I stuck to it and held on to the pace the entire way. Instead of my normal 65-70% perceived exertion, I was running closer to 80% the whole way. I joined the running group to surround myself with better runners than me, So I could learn from them and get me to the next level. I say, Bring it.

I know, not traditional training plan material but I have a solid base to work from. It's time to get out of the comfort aerobic zone and see what this body can handle. The next 3 months is going to be alot of fun. For instance, after that tough run I hit the pool for a nice tempo swim. A bit shorter than usual, but better than nothing. I'll take it easy Thursday night and just the same Friday is rest day.


Run - 1:05hrs
Swim - 0:50hrs


  1. Please send payment for the usage rights of my cat photo too.... Hahaha

    FYI her name is Willow and she is not amused! Beware next time you visit! She has a memory and very sharp claws!

  2. I've noticed that all of my "break throughs" come from training with people. It's going to be a good season.

  3. arent you supposed to be resting? lol
    nice run! (&swim)


  4. John doesn't know how to 'rest'.. impossible



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