Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 24 Review

You wouldn't know this was a post-race week. I scaled back on the running this week to allow my joints to heal but made up for it in extra biking and a little swimming. The week started off with some really sore legs and I wanted to carry that soreness all week. I like sore legs, its a good indication of a great workout.
I'm glad to put March behind me, that was by far the lowest point in the training program but all that 'rest' made for a great race result so I am happy. From here on in, it's showtime. No more missing workouts and no more weaksauce. The Performance Phase of the training program is here. The next 12 weeks will directly impact the results at Ironman Lake Placid.
This week is a good indication of where things are going. This is a relatively easy week. The numbers on the training plan get scary. This will be a good test of just how good my base really is. I've spent almost 30 weeks building my base. It's now time to put it to bring it to the next level.

TRAINING (Post Race Week)(Set 7, Week 1 -  Performance Phase)

Swim - 2:10hrs
Bike - 6:43hrs
Run - 3:38hrs

Total - 12:32hrs


  1. Great numbers! Like you I kind of like waking up in the morning and stretching in bed to see what muscles are sore. It's a good feeling a feeling of having gotten something done.

  2. Yeah buddy. Awesome numbers. I do the same thing in bed, drives John crazy he thinks I am getting frisky and I am just stretching.

    Performance phase, here you come!!

  3. That's an easy week? Thank goodness for warmer weather, I can't wait to get out on the road bike instead of dealing with the time spent packing up for a gym trip. Good luck in the performance phase, I've got to tweak my schedule to focus on running the next six weeks, but not forget about cross-training that got me here.



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