Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chocolate Scales

I Love You. All of You!
I didn't need a scale to tell me I am making progress. I could feel the weight slowly disappearing over the past few weeks. If you remember, I had a mini-crisis over hitting my 'Holy-$hit' weight and declaring war on the scale. An ungodly amount of pizza combined with a plethora of snacks, even healthy ones, added up at the waistline.

Actually, if it wasn't for Mrs. LoTC I would still be a phatass. I give her all the credit because it was her early mornings that made my light breakfast, usually homemade fruit smoothies, and my big salad lunches that put a real dent into my calorie counting. I'm happy to say I'm back down to my all-time record low again. 171.8lbs which is technically 0.2lbs higher than my all time low but that last download was worth a solid deuce-and-a-half. Just sayin' ;) lol

Which brings me to my struggle. I don't do fundraisers. I have an easy time ignoring chocolate bars and treats but when approached with Chocolate Almonds, namely the 'Worlds Finest' brand I cannot resist. Unfortunately for me there is a mountain of them sitting in the lunch room calling my name. They have been whispering sweet-nothings in my ear, running their fingers through my hair and nibbling on my neck. They want me. I can feel them calling my name. Even from down the hall.

No. I have no willpower. Of course I slipped a hand in my pocket to buy a box. I only have a $20 though. That never used to be a problem. Seriously, I would have bought $20 worth and polished them off in a single afternoon at my desk. I walked away.

Later in the day I went to get a coffee and I could feel them staring at me again. Of course I gave in. I rationalized the treat by adding some extra miles to my run tonight, so I settled on buying just 4 boxes. UnFortunate for me there was still not enough change to break my 20 dollar bill. Sure I could just get 5 boxes and it would work but 5 is just a bit too much I thought.

Think of the scale this morning. Hitting that goal. Feeling so good! Do I really want to sabotage a few weeks of healthy eating?


I gotta get out of here.
Pre Race Festivities

On the training front I had another sooper speedy 50Km ride last night. Rougher roads this time, that was a lousy route to experiment with. I dont know if I was fast or if that is just he normal pace for a TT bike cuz there is at least an additional 4km/h MINIMUM to my average pace over last year. I can see my climbing needs improvement though. I can't seem to find the sweet spot on this bike. I need to work on my climbing posture to get comfortable, there was some lower back pain going on. I'll work on it. I even got out of bed early to get a strength training session in. It was weak but better than nothing since nothing is all I have been doing in the strength training department. I am hoping to make a routine of this.

Oh and I found a bunch of Around The Bay Pre-Race Photos. Yup, my pre-race meal consisted of McDonalds. Ohhhh it was sooooo goood! I ran a PR the next day too so I am pretty sure this worked for me! Of course it was my first ever running race so just finishing would have been a personal best hah!

I REALLY Like the Ketchup!


  1. Fran got what looks like a fruit and yogurt, and you have a 55gal tub of ketchup and a fat burger with fries? Nice job, that's how I roll too.

    So how many boxes did you end up getting? $3 for a box is a DEAL! Unless the box is the one package, I am assuming a Box is the cardboard containing the multiple packages.

    Nice job on the workouts.

  2. way to give Mrs. LOTCR all the credit
    smart man

    you have the willpower! dig down!

    Ive been totally faltering over the past month - I keep drawing a line in the twice per week - its getting old


  3. Back pain on the bike, lack of a sweet spot - I hear you...there has got to be a way to feel comfortable on a bike ride over 45 minutes!

    Love the McDonalds - I'm trying to resist buttermilk biscuits, triple pounder, etc

  4. oh my god those fries look good....and I love ketchup with them too...and salt...lots of salt...

  5. bro-
    thanks for your comment
    why didnt I think of asking you directly
    I value your bike prowess more than any other

    what would you do if you were me

    I plan to buy new tires and put them on in June and use them for about a month leading to the race and then in IMLP. this sounds like a good game plan to you yes?


    would I want to do this with the Conti 4000 or the Michelin's? what would you do?
    I just looked at the tread on the michelin i like it better....but dont know a freaking thing about bikes or tires

    this is what I would want right?


    where do you buy from?

    sorry for all the questions your help is SO appreciated ... ... as you can imagine Im a little manic with IMLP <100!!!

    if you can email me whenever you get a chance that'd be so awesome

    drogmn (at) gmail (dot) com

    thanks bro




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