Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old Roadies

No. I cannot come out and play. That makes me sad.
I did all my road riding last year solo so when I gutted my road bike to build the wife's bike I didn't think I would be missing anything. I would just do all my training solo on the TT bike. Instead now I have had a couple of invitations and good opportunities to ride with the local roadies but I am without a road bike to go out and play with them. I've been eyeing a cyclocross bike but am having  a hard time justifying buying yet another bike this 'winter'. I fully intend to buy one next winter without a doubt, so do I wait or do I just pull the trigger? Decisions decisions. I hate spending money. You may have noticed that from my umm 'foam roller' and 'the stick'. Spending money stresses me out! I get it from my cheap-a$$ father! lol must be in the genes.

I'm just riding the wave of energy coming off of a weekend high. 170Km ride, followed by a 19km run followed by a 50km bike sprint lead me to one heck of a run last night. I fought a non-injury all day long. I could feel my IT Band tugging and rubbing my knee area and we all know it takes very little for inflamation to flare up. I stretched it all day to no avail but a quick Stick-Roller RollingPin-PoolNoodle session loosened it up just enough!
I ran with A Machine Steve from our newly joined running group. This guy is on another level of running than me so I have to push myself out of the comfort-zone to hold pace with him. He is 50. I love it! I'm getting schooled by a 50yr old and I'm enjoying the challenge! All together I pounded out a 12km route at 5:00min/km. Another solid workout to add to the streak. Mrs. LoTC and I followed up the run with a 50 minute swim. I took it easy at the pool, I had not swam in a week so I could feel the rust on the joints.


Run - 1:00hrs Speed
Swim - 0:50hrs Recovery


  1. Yeah, I let my friend use my roadie for the summer figuring I wouldn't need it...the other day I was like..UM...can I borrow my bike? ha ha

    I get schooled by 50 yr olds all the time.

  2. you cheap (#$%^. get the foam roller and then get the bike

  3. All I can say is you have a nice(real nice) TT bike. And although it is two different rides all together. If they wont let you play, find another group. Granted there are reasons i.e. don't be riding in the group via tt position, other than that, pfft it's really your uncomfortableness and not theres. I say ride home boy. Now on the other hand I think you know where I stand with the whole road bike thing, if you can swing it, get one.

    p.s. according to your first picture, you may want to shed a few pounds, however your wife has a great ass !!

  4. LOL at the comments. Love em.

    Wait for the right time on the bike. OR SIU and ride your TT with the roadies GASP, did I honestly just say that?!

    Love the pics too haha.

    Hey nice training, keep the wave going strong!



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