Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IMLP Athletes Beware!


If your name is Mandy and from Caratunk, you probably just pee'd a little.

Technically thats only 65-ish days left of honest training due to taper. That probably doesn't sound like many training days left- that's because IT ISN'T. The day is almost here!!

Is you training on schedule?
Are you Injury Free?
Have you figured out your Race Nutrition Plan?
How many century rides are under your belt already?
Is your doggy paddle good enough to make the cut off?
Without a wetsuit? In the event the water is too warm?
Without a swim? In the event the swim is cancelled due to weather and replaced with additional running?
Have you picked out your race outfit? Color Co-ordinated? Comfortable? Tested? Have you pee'd in it yet?


Well I just did :) I've been procrastinating. Minimum 6 night stays ranging from $1200 to $2000+ dollars did not appeal to me. I found some log cabins just down the road, literally 5 Miles for $100 a night for minimum 4 nights. That should be about a 7 minute drive IF I did the speed limit. I would rather do a small drive and spend the money on finisher's clothing than a hotel room.

If anyone wants the log cabin details I can send them to you. There were a few other cabins available still.

Where are you staying? Price?

Every Second of Every Minute of Every Workout COUNTS from here on in. No exceptions. Make them count!


  1. Can you send me the cabin info for someone else doing the race - thanks. Facebook message is fine.


  2. not gonna lie....this freaked me out

    65-ish days left of honest training due to taper

  3. Stop scaring the athletes!!! EEK!!! I rented a house for myself and my fan club, yes that's right, my fan club. :) We're staying right above Main Street within a 5 minute walk to swim start and Olympic Oval. Way to freak me out btw....!

  4. LOL! I agree with aggie21 I think you are just going around trying to make everyone pee their pants. You did a good job of it over in my journal reminding me how long I had.

    I can't wait to hear your race report!

  5. $100 a night is a great price. We stayed last year at Prague Motor Inn, which was cheap (I guess around $100-120 a night, if I remember correctly) but they required a minimum 7 nights stay. The good thing about it is that is located right on the bike and run course and only 1.5K from the transition area. The inn itself is kind of OK, nothing fancy.

    By the way, try not to speed. My wife got a speed ticket there last year and the rumor is (based on some forums) that they target the Canadian drivers.

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