Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 27 Review

This marks the end of the first full Set (4 week reps) of training. Being a recovery week, I entered into it in bad condition. Fighting a bout of Shin Splints I decided to completely stop running and concentrate on some easy swimming and biking instead. Obviously my week didn't go as planned because I pretty much did nothing until the end. Life got in the way. A trade show and trip to the states to pickup my new Cyclocross bike threw a wrench into my plans.

Regardless I made the best of a long weekend with some fair weather riding. Looking at the numbers you could say they are weak, but to be honest I don't feel one bit of guilt whatsoever. I drove my body hard for 3 weeks straight and I deserved this recovery week, my body earned it. When it asked for rest, I delivered. Taking the Sunday off, even though it was absolutely perfect weather outside, was the best day of them all. I got to put in some quality time with the wife and top up my energy reserves and mental strength in preparation for the next 3 weeks of increasing difficult training routine.

Moving forward, the training plan starts pumping out some mind-boggling scary numbers. I'm rested and carb loaded, thanks to several Easter dinners, and am ready to tackle the next set. I just hope that all this rest gave my shin splint what it needs to heal. I'll find out soon enough!

A successful recovery week. Despite what the training numbers show.

TRAINING: (Set 7, Week 4 - Recovery week, Performance Phase)

Swim - 1:00hrs
Bike - 6:30hrs (180Km)
Run - 0:30hrs  (Shin Splint Recovery)

Graphic below is missing a tuesday night easy run
TOTAL - 8:00hrs


  1. Hope the shin splints are better! If not, here is my (unsolicited) combo treatment for shin splints:
    1. Use your toe to write the alphabet. This takes your foot (and therefore your shins, tendons, ligaments, etc) through a full range of motion and stretches everything out. I'd do this several times a day - most important (for me) was right before I ran. Make sure to do the traditional calf stretches too.
    2. Tiger Balm!! It is the most amazing thing ever. I'd smear Tiger Balm all over my calves and shins before a run. No pain. I don't know if this was doing anything physiologically or just masking the pain but it worked.

    The IM training plan does have some scary mind boggling numbers, but it will feel all the better when you're done with those workouts! Plus, when you tell your non-tri friends how you did a 5 hour bike ride followed by a 2 hour run they'll think you're totally bad-ass. Or, more bad-ass than they already think you are :)

  2. Great advice - thank you for that!!!



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