Thursday, April 28, 2011

Risky Rewards

Ahh yes now I remember those gambling games from last year. Should I or shouldn't I brave the weather?

Well now, last night I didn't remember last year's lesson and despite the repeated weather advisories and thunderstorm alerts I commited myself to going for a ride no matter what the conditions. It was all over the radio about how bad it was going to get and even my wife called me to talk me out of riding. Every second of Every workout counts from here on in - I will not miss my workout!!  To be safe I planned to stick to the railtrails on the cross bike since vehicles dont look for bikes in the rain. I'm OK with this, I bought the cross bike specifically so I didn't have to beat up on the clean tri bike.

Sure enough I threw on a layer of water resistance and body armor and prepared for the worst and set off on my ride. Pfffft 30 minutes in I was baking in 25C heat with clear sunny skies. Are you kidding me? It turned out to be the best weather conditions to date! Thanks to the weatherman I was overdressed for the occassion but welcomed the sweat session and even extended my ride by a bit to ensure I enjoyed every second of nice weather while it lasted. A beautiful evening, I pushed hard on the bike!

Which brings me back to that long lost lesson from last year - Dont trust the weatherman. I recall many weekends with forecast of torrential downpours that turned out to be false alarms. We almost postponed several trips due to these forecasts but eventually learned that more often than not, we made the right call to commit to the trip anyways. Had I postponed last night's ride I would have been absolutely livid! I'm glad my stubborness paid off, and I hope it inspires others to stop making excuses! Get you the door, no matter what the weather channel says!
I say this with confidence since the last few stormy workouts had been a non-issue since there was JUST enough of a gap in the weather to fit our training plans in. We've been very lucky. Except Monday I got whacked with some really bad weather but that is one bad workout for at least eight great workouts despite predictions.

With risk, comes reward!

Tuesday night I put a short run in. Its the first run back since the shin splint surfaced and I could feel some mild discomfort still but nothing horrible. I completely ran way faster than I had planned which was dumb and risky, its hard to hold back when running with others. I promise myself a much slower run for the next couple because I dont wish to aggravate the injury. Tonight I will put in the extra distance that I normally do but force myself to a slower pace. It will be a good test to see if I am ready to attempt a long slow run on the weekend. I'll make up for the skipped 30 minutes from Tuesday by adding in my first brick this weekend. Thats the plan anyways.

There is some big bad weather outside today. Crazy winds, knocking down trees and hydro and stuff. The whole office building is swaying and I've had a mild bout of motion sickness sitting in my chair. The plants are swaying, my chair even moves just sitting here. It's THAT windy.

I'm still going to do my run. I'm still going to do my swim.

Get it done!


Run 0:30hrs
Bike 2:40hrs

*I  just noticed, my stupid garmin missed a chunk of the track - I now remember it saying it lost signal. strange.
*Oh and I had to edit yesterdays post with regards to Week 27 review, it was missing a run workout.
*Better phone with better camera coming soon(tm), in the meantime I am sparse on photos cuz my WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE SUCKS A$$.


  1. Nice work. I was out for a run last night and it was the most beautiful evening. 20C along Hamilton Beach, sun, refreshing breeze and lots of eye candy :)

  2. What!?!?! No clevage in those shots?

    Great ride and good lesson for me... take a chance and go ride!

  3. love the determination and resolve
    please pass some my way

    great photos


  4. Nice ride man. Yes, I agree, weathermen are F-ing TARDS!

    I am pretty good at being able to tell if it will rain or not anymore.

    Have a great weekend!



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