Monday, April 18, 2011

Sacrificial Races

Sacrifices. For those that know me, mountain biking is my primary activity. I love riding the steepest, rockiest, scarriest, gnarliest terrain I can find. I am well beyond your average weekend warrior trail rider. My season is normally dotted with some racing but Ironman demands I sacrifice this competitive component of my activity if I am to make it at Ironman.
Paris to Ancaster is a long standing tradition, 60Km mountain bike race. In reality it is dominated by cyclocross riders but it's still seen as a MTB event. The first event of the year, usually a good opportunity to test yourself after a long cold winter of stuffing yourself with Holiday turkey. It's one of those races that reminds you of just how out of shape you really are. Its always a challenge!
Which comes to the sacrifice. I cut this race out of my schedule, as well as all other mountain bike events. I might have time for a couple after Ironman, but in the meantime I decided to save the money and the suffering so I can stick to the training plan as best I can. I was disappointed that I couldn't join friends at this year's race but after seeing the horrible weather and conditions the race had to endure - I am glad I didn't go. Every year has been cold, muddy and miserable so I dropped this race knowing I probably wouldn't miss much. It turned out exactly as expected. These conditions actually make for one epic ride, something to be remembered but alas I do not regret missing the race. I promise myself I will make up for it next year though - I definitely plan to race it next year and actually train seriously for it.

In the meantime I spent the better part of the morning on a 21Km run fit perfectly between the snow and rain. We started and finished between the spurts of bad weather, so outside of some cold and big wind, it was a great long slow run! We learned that the other people in the running group go for coffee afterwards so I accepted the invitation to get to know the other people in the group. That is one of my favourite parts of this running group, everyone is very nice and I like getting to know the other athletes. We had a good time!

I realized that this upcoming week is a recovery week! I had not looked that far ahead in the training program. If I look too far ahead I see scary numbers and I start stressing about how am I going to fit all the training in, so I didn't even think to see what was on the upcoming agenda. I have finished this week very strong and look foward to going 70% distance, intensity and duration for the upcoming week. It is time to let the body heal, build up those energy reserves. I like to think of these recovery weeks as 'wife' weeks. I will run and bike with her so we can spend some time together and I can help motivate her out the door to get her workouts in. This will be a fun week! Too bad the weather may not co-operate, we'll see.


Run - 2:00hrs


  1. Your a badd ass !! That race is long for MTB !~ iRON 1ST. That is your comittment this year.

  2. Paris to Ancaster looks like an epic race, considering the conditions.

    Enjoy your recovery week John. You definitely deserve it.

  3. That picture is so scary looking!

    That is a freaking LONG MTB race! HOLY CRAP! Your MTB legs will help you tons at IMLP. Smart move, stick with your commitment, it is tough for sure. I have given up a few races this year that are very dear to me. 96 days?



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