Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Take some time off. Rest more, exercise less.

That was the doctor's recommendation. I went for some blood work last week and the results show my CK Test was off the chart. It probably didn't help that I had just done Around The Bay 30Km race a couple of days earlier so that likely effected the results. Regardless I made sure he understood that rest is for the weak and I refuse to lighten up. Actually the training program just gets way heavier the next 12 weeks. He gave me a req form for another blood test in August, post Ironman to see if I return to acceptable numbers. Other than that the blood pressure was aboslutely perfect, all other blood levels perfect but I have a slightly under-active thyroid so that may bite me in the a$$ later in life. Considering the amount of gel & cliff bars and electroylte drinks I consume - I'm impressed it didn't screw anything up. Sweet! I can't remember if I mentioned it but I had brutal stabbing pain in my thigh, middle of the femur, not muscle yet the xray didn't show nothing but the ultrasound hasn't come back. The pain is manageable for now, I'll just keep an eye on it.

So last night I put in a scheduled hour on the bike trainer. I was hoping for 90 minutes outdoors but mother nature is a real b*tch this year. Winter is just not going away. I followed the ride up with a solid 1 hour unscheduled swim. That helped me recover from a tough weekend.


Bike - 1:00hrs Moderate Trainer
Swim - 1:00hrs Tempo

On the weekend I went to visit my father who gave me the photos and video he took while watching at Around The Bay Race. For the most part, he completely missed me but he did manage to sneak in a couple of shots of Rob & Rich. These guys are hardcore, we have done some 24hr mountain bike racing & Conquer Cancer 200Km rides together except they do it on Hand-Cycles. These guys are hardk0re. Heck, Rob finished an Olympic distance triathlon last fall. Para-athletes are amazing! Rob's story is a true insipiration that I tap into regularly. So I quickly peiced together the couple of glimpses caught on camera. Bare with me, it was the first actualy video I have ever clipped/edited. I have never used the software before, I'm a little disappointed I didn't figure out how to fade the music out at the end. It wasn't until after I made it that I seen where it was. I was in a hurry.

I found a video of Matty-O and his routine training regiment below..

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  1. At our last triathlon last year we did an Oly distance. There was a guy who had the same hand cycle. There were some WICKED hills and we had to do two loops of it. Man, I am not lying when I say that I have nothing but respect for those guys. I wanted to get off my bike and push him up the hill because it was just brutal.

    True athletes.

    As for my video... you were pretty close, you forgot to add in the "I feel bloated" or "I ate too much chocolate". ;)

    Careful with your legs man. You are gonna need them for pretty much all your workouts, the go hard or go home anthem should be saved for race day, get to race day THEN push hard.



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