Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bright Moves

Its getting even more real!

Last week was booking the hotel for Ironman Lake Placid. Today I registered the wife to join me for the Athlete Banquet Dinner on the Friday night! I guess I could take her with me... :)

The SECRET to weight loss
I'm hoping my new all-time low number is an indication of my training plan being on track - I weighed in at 169.6lbs today. Yay me! I think I'm starting to look skinny too. None of my clothes fit me anymore, my pants wont stay up and I just notched down to the last hole on the new belt I bought in the winter when I ran out of holes on the last one I had! Things are looking good!

Its all coming together for Mrs. LoTC too. Her first Half-Ironman is a couple weeks before my race! We got accomodations finalized thanks to some awesome friends that will have us up for the weekend at their cottage, just down the road from the race! With her race approaching fast - She's scared straight now and putting in some serious training. Her training consists mostly of Making my breakfasts & lunches & dinners, doing my laundry, especially the endless pile of workout clothes, and taking care of the kids and a full-time career. Sometimes she manages to slip a swim/bike/run inbetween that hectic training schedule.

4300K to replace 5000K
The wife put in a 35km ride in last night while I put in a 1.5hrs cyclocross ride on the railtrails. I really like the resistance from the trail, my heartrate stays low but my legs are pushing hard. Good strength building I think! Mrs. LoTC beat me home so she had dinner ready for me by the time I got back. I am the luckiest PFG EVAR! She's an IRONbabe for sure!

Last friday a new toy showed up in the mail. I haven't had time to install it yet. I'm hoping for some warmer weather. Regardless I'm replacing our current HID lights with new ones. Our car was limping along on one light for awhile now, one of the transformers is flakey and it comes and goes. Lately its done more 'going' than 'coming'. So far, we haven't been pulled over - luckily.


Bike - 1:30hrs

Weekend Training
Bike - 4:30hrs
Run - 2:10hrs


  1. HAHAHA Typical male, MORE POWER :) Love it.

    Dude, spot on with the weight! HOLY COW!

    Props to you, keep up the good work, glad you are still losing weight!

    Keep up the good work Fran!!!

  2. Mrs. LoTC better be getting some help from some of the men around that house!!! She's got other things to worry about....

    Really...sea salt chips is the key? I'm going to get me some...love sea salt on anything.

  3. great news on the weight!
    and also the Mrs LOTC update!


  4. Hey, hands off of those chips!!!!! They are mine. SOOOOOO gooooood!
    Some help around the house would be wonderful but if I don't then some nice long neck/shoulder massages will suffice!!!! ;)



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