Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long Days

The days are clearly getting longer. I had just enough time to slip a 2.5hr bike ride in after a day at the office! Followed by my first Brick run this year. I keep meaning to get them in but I keep forgetting. All I can think of is a hot shower and meal after my rides, running completely escaped me.
For you Morons that complain that others
shouldn't bitch if they did NOT vote:
Not all parties have reps in all regions. Get over yourselves.

So the bike ride itself was intense. I kept a moderate pace with a decent headwind and threw in some climbing to make sure my legs were spent by the time I got home. I was quick in transition, I didn't even bother taking my bike clothes off, I ran with my cycling bib short which looked quite dorky. Even the wife warned me to be careful since I might get beat up for looking so dorky. Luckily, I can hopefully outrun any bullies that cross my path :)

Anyhow, immediately off the start I felt great! I held a 4:45min/km and it felt natural. My HR was high, obviously because of my quicker pace but also from the excitement of a quick transition. I wanted to slow down to get my HR lower but that fast pace just felt great, so I gave it a few minutes before slowing down. This gave my legs a chance to stretch out after a 'long' bike. In the end my speed never slowed down much, I held a pace that would not be sustainable for any more than an hour but my legs just would not listen. I just went by feeling and checedk my Garmin from time to time. This is the first Brick afterall so I wanted to do what felt good, not what was 'right'. After about 10 minutes I could see my HR starting to come down and I had more control over my legs, I still didn't slow down though since the road was a slight downhill, but regardless I figure a few more of these are needed to dial-in my perceived efforts.

Honestly I don't see what all the fust is about. Brick runs dont bother me much, but thats easy to say after a 80km ride. I'll try again after a century ride and see what happens. Last year I didn't do any Brick runs leading up to Ironman Muskoka and I had no problems with the transition - but that is not a fair example since I was borderline Hypothermic coming off the bike, and my run resembled more of a shuffle than anything back then.


Bike - 2:30hrs (80km)
Run - 0:15hrs (First Brick)


  1. You Canadians and your min/km pace statistics - making my head spin trying to convert that to min/mile pace :)

    Hats off for getting a 2.5 hour ride after a day of work! The training days are definitely getting longer... IM is getting close!

  2. I did my first brick of the year this morning! Didn't feel near as bad as I thought it would be.



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