Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week3 BONK

Well, that has not happened for quite some time now.

In one swift decisive action, ALL the voices in my head had unilaterally agreed with what my body was saying - "Phuck This!".

And that was the end of my workout.

Somewhere around the windy 60Km mark of last night's planned 90Km ride, everything stopped. I turned towards home and barely made it back. My legs were jello, my upper arms were more tired and sore than they have ever been, my mental strength non-existent. I just wanted to get home.

I was hungry.

Yup, somewhere in my non-existent calorie counting mathematical equation I must have forgot to carry a 1 or something and ran out of fuel. Literally. I bonked on a frickin' training ride. Now it wasn't an absolute wall-hitter but definitely a fully certifiable Bonk. The ride was game-over and it took every last ounce of concentration to keep myself moving toward home.

By the time I got home I was too tired to eat. I had a quick peice of lasagna but that didn't do it. I knew it wasn't enough but I was too hungry to be hungry. We made a trip to the grocery store to find something rich in calories to rebuild the energy reserves but nothing could be found. Looking at all that food made me sick to my stomach, I knew I had to eat but I didn't want to. But I did. Ya know what I mean? I guess you had to be there....

Time to bring out the big guns. Pizza. Forget the grocery store and went straight to Domino's. I almost ate the whole Medium pepperoni pizza to myself. The last 3 peices were calling my name but I figured I may have already over-indulged so I let them be.

I suspected I haven't been eating enough with the increased hours of this phase of the training plan. Last night just confirmed it. I'm eating healthy and balanced but simply not enough raw calories. Its hard finding healthy stuff rich in calories that will just get burned off in 24hrs. It also gets really frickin' expensive.

Maybe Pizza and Dairy Queen Blizzards ain't such a bad idea afterall?  :)

Anyhow, I still slipped in about 70km of riding and most of it quality until I blew up. Not a bad night overall but I'm a little worried about recovering from such a thing. How long will it take to replenish my reserves? Do I constantly eat or do I have to top them up over the next couple of days? What should I eat to make it happen? Should I just indulge on something less healthy to just get me jump-started? What about tonights workouts? I have a 13km run and a 3000m swim scheduled. Take it easy? Skip them? Do you think drinking chlorinated pool water has a calorie value? Just incase...

Lucky for me, next week is a recovery week. I'm willing to bet that the last time I felt like this, without an obvious bonk during a workout, was during week 3 of the last set - just before a recovery week. Here I am again, 3 weeks of tough training and I'm reaching my limits. Well, at least I know I haven't been pussy-footin' about on my workouts. I've had another great Set of training weeks!

Need to survive tonights run and swim. Friday recovery day. Then a 6hr bike Saturday and 3hr run on Sunday. Then it is recovery week. Ok, maybe I'm not so close to recovery week after all....


Bike - 2:30hrs


  1. Interesting, weren't we just reading about how you were crushing your plan haha.

    VERY hard to find a lot of "healthy" calories. I cheat. I put a little crap in my diet every day to keep my calories up. I get sick of eating the same crap every day.

    When I bonk, I have a coke, it makes me feel better and picks me back up quickly. We have only 2 emergency 20oz cokes in the fridge, no pop is allowed in our house except those haha.

    Hang in there, gotta tear the body down to build it up!

  2. nice bonk!
    im getting hungry....if I had not relapsed on China Buffet yesterday Id be headn out for pizza and DQ blizzard rt now
    chlorinated water will work:)



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