Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schedule Finale

Nothing like dropping the axe on the race schedule. Actually, I'm relieved. As June approaches I was worried about how I am going to maintain a proper training program around a bunch of little sprint tri's without getting hurt. For instance - do you do the scheduled 100 Mile bike ride on the Saturday, then RACE the sprint tri on Sunday morning but then still get your long run in Sunday afternoon? Or do you go the other way and use the Saturday for taper to do the race? Now you have essentially skipped a big workout or two.

I don't like messing with routine. Routine is what makes the training program tolerable. A well planned routine removes alot of 'thinking' from the process which makes it 'easier' to execute those workouts even when you don't really want to.

Anyhow, that brings me back to the Axe. Everything has been chopped with the exception of the 'fun' race and a newly placed distance race. I'll be doing the Woodstock Sprint Triathlon since some friends are doing it, and the following weekend is an Olympic distance triathlon which will be my 'tuner' for IMLP. I regret not doing a half-iron earlier in the year. Namely the one that is held this weekend by Rev3. Regardless, I am glad to save the treavelling money as this sport has cost a pretty penney already. We are registered and fully commited to Woodstock and Guelph so no more shuffling of the schedule!
I am a bit worried that doing two races in a row might not be a good idea, but it can't be avoided. I'll make the best of it, beside I dont think I'll be racing all-out at the Olympic since I want to dial-in my pace for an Ironman distance. This will take alot of self discipline since the arch nemesis Rodney will be there, and I have a score to settle after he handed me my a$$ on a silver platter back at IM Muskoka last year. I'll worry about my race gamplan later....
August is still dotted with events but nothing in stone. I dont know if I'll come off IMLP injured so I wont register for anything ahead of time. One of the common mistake people make after their first Ironman is suffer from the 'Ironman Blues'. A form of depression from lack of direction/challenge when you do not have an objective to train for. I have a post-race plan of excitement! I look forward to applying my hard-earned fitness to other sports I am passionate about! I can't wait!

For now, I am relieved to see my June open up to maintain a proper training program. I will miss out on a 200 Mile bike trip since they screwed up the registration. I was really looking forward to that event but I think this worked out for the best. My wife and I can do our own trip, besides I have a new bike with rack mounts which means touring is an option now! We have high quality ultra-light camping equipment that will hopefully stow away in a bike bag, opening up the doors to overnight cycling trips/touring! Nothing planned, yet.

Speaking of routine, last night's routine got messed up. It appear Tuesdays are our son's soccer game so that means Mrs. LoTC will go watch him. In order for me to join the running group, I will have to drive to the gym instead of run. This cuts 5km off my run so I do a bit extra while out with the group which only leaves me with a 3km defecit. To me, thats alot to be missing. I'm not sure how to make this work, this may require me not to run with the group Tuesday nights. Not the end of the world as I have nagging thoughts in the back of my mind to go do more hills on my own. I just allowed myself to cut those few km's out of last nights run since I needed a lighter training load. Coming off a big weekend of training I still put in an extremely intense bike ride Monday night. I find myself pushing really hard on the bike, I enjoy it but not every workout should be a hammerfest. I put a solid swim in after my run but allowed myself to cut 10 minutes off the workout to get some sauna time before the pool closed.

I'm looking forwad to next week's recovery week.


Bike - 2:00hrs (Monday)
Run - 0:45hrs
Swim - 0:50hrs


  1. Haha I am pretty sure that the Guelph race won't be much of a race. I know I won't be racing it at Olympic distance pace and I might even just do the swim/bike race.

    BTW you have two scores to settle, I seem to remember beating you and Brian at Milton as well :) Hahaha!

    Looking forward to IMLP though, 10 weeks left, can't wait!!!

  2. hah! True - you stand undefeated! I forgot about Milton, I didn't really count it since I did no training for it. I clearly have the picture of you running down appleby line and pulling away from me. There was nothing I could do to respond, I was in agnoy with back pain. I walked pretty much the whole thing haha!

    I love it. :) I'm totally gonna knock your socks off at IMLP. Better work on them excuses!

    Full Iron is where it counts. Those other two were just childsplay. U better bring your 'A-Game' to the big boyz league :)

  3. Good move man, I axed my plans for sprint tris earlier for the same reason. My mind is much more at ease as a result.

    See you at IMLP. I will be the short little shit behind you.

  4. I lOVE the poster. Enjoy life...there's plenty of time to be dead. Just great!

  5. HEART RATE MONITORING IN OLY. Other than that let it rip.

  6. Haha there will be no excuses at IMLP, whoever has the better day will be the victor. The important part is that we will both be finishers! I am sure of that!

  7. LOL at the trash talk. Have to agree with Rodney though, first goal = finish the damn race.

    Your bike should be pretty solid for IMLP... I think that race will come down on the run haha.

    In reponse to your comment on my post about my Doc. Ultimately he wants to make me look like a homo.

    LOL, no the reason isn't for circulation or any of that crap. He wants me to keep my calf and achilles warm and hopefully that will help alleviate a lot of the rubbing and pain. I could wear tube socks if I wanted unfortunately I don't own any haha.

    I am hoping it works. That is a long a way to go with pain in ever damn step.

    Keep up the good work man!

  8. Glad you are keeping with Guelph Lake! I hear it fills up quick, so I finally got on the ball and registered. You'll be a third of the way done the bike before I'm out of the water! :-) I know I can run, but 10km doesn't give me much time to catch anyone!



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