Thursday, June 2, 2011


This means more ugly pics
of this guy...
Where have I been? Its nice to know people noticed my absence, it means someone is longing to hear I've been skimping on my training while missing in action. I hate to disappoint but I've been training just fine, but I do have a chronic case of 'bloggers block'.

There is just so much to say but I stare at that empty text box and don't know where to begin. Nothing extraordinary needs to be said, but when I find I can't muster up the energy to write 'good' post then I can't be bothered at all.
This has been a nagging thought in the back of my mind for quite some time now. Ever since my training plan jumped in load and intensity, I havent had the creativity that I thought I once had. I guess I am just tired. My previous couple of months of posts were rather boring, and the task of creating them monotoneous. I wonder if I spelt that word correctly? lol

For me, if I can't do it right - then I wont do it at all. I go all out or not at all. So if the post is boring or I left the associated photos on the computer at home, I just dont bother writing.

So moving forward I think I need to get back to my roots. I have to remember that these posts are for me, not for you. I want to chronicle my journey and I've missed documenting some real key Firsts, highs and lows of my training over the last few weeks. I think I'll put together a skydrive of some sort to make sure the photos are available when I get the urge to write. Instead of waiting and forgetting.

I'll put a few posts together to make sure I have something to look back on for the moments I missed.

Oh oh oh - one of those moments? I got an iPhone! Yay me! I can finally take some blog content with a device that doesn't suck ass. Windows Mobile Phones are the essence of crap technology. Never. Again.



  1. so are you back or not? Glad your training is going well, now I don't know who to put my money on, you or Rodney? geeeeeez

    iphone, LOVE!!! what apps do you have that you love?

  2. welcome back!

    I have the same perspective with blogging. Sometimes I wish I could connect a wire to my head and send my thoughts to the blog, 'cause I swear I write the best mental blogs during training, racing, or daydreaming at work but then never have time to type them out.

    Glad to hear the training is going well!



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