Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 30 Review

So after just getting finished bragging about how easy the 'biggest training week to date' was - I follow it up with a Biggest-bonk-to-date.

I kicked off this week riding the high from the previous one but subsequently hit the wall on Wednesday. Partway through my ride I completely ran out of juice. There was nothing in my legs and all I could think about was going home. It was a cold, windy long ride back.

I chalked it up to a bit of over-doing it. Lets face it, not every workout is meant to be a sprint. I've been dipping into the hurt locker just a bit too much recently. I also made a point to eat alot more food. Still losing weight and a bonk is an indication of not enough fuel!

I decided to join my first group cyclocross ride EVER, on the weekend. I've been afraid to go riding with these guys because they are hardcore so when they described the ride as 'casual' I took them up on the offer. A misty wet day, but very warm. I was lucky that one of the guys was much slower than the rest. I am pretty sure they would have killed me on the bike had it not been for the slower rider keeping them in check. Unfortunately we were plagued with flats - 8 of them at least. All one guy of course, hah! No matter, they were a great bunch of people and Rich is an Ironman finisher so it made for some good conversation. I made a point to look these guys up as soon as possible for a road ride to test myself!

The wet week took its toll on me. I rescheduled the long run to the following Monday. This put a dent in the numbers, as well as a cut-short cyclocross ride due to mechanicals.


Swim: 1:00hrs
Bike: 9:00hrs
Run: 2:00hrs

Total: 11:40hrs

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